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Review posted by Deladroid on at


I'm trying to help my client with having a calendar solution, and after trying another one and disappointing my client, because it had a bug and no one was responding to my support request, I bought this (expensive) calendar plugin.

-Date changes after updating an event's date attribute, despite having the time-zone set in the config file.
-Interesting mark-up to say the least
-Tons of other negative reviews
Review posted by lucashaley on at

Not worthwhile

This add-on has some issues, but ultimately I think it's going to be redundant come 5.7. Concrete5 should probably stop offering it for sale.

Things that bother me:

1) The html and css are awkward and ungainly.
2) It creates a new page for every event.

It's way too expensive for what it offers.
Review posted by PatrickHeck on at

Better than nothing

The Addon works mostly, but it has some flaws that bother me:
- PHP Code Quality is not as good a core. That makes it harder to customize. ( even the check for C5_EXECUTE is missing in many files )
- t() funtion is rarely used. So this has to be added by user.

If it was free I would probably be satisfied. But for this price I'd expect a better quality.
Review posted by Therian on at

Amazing work, needs documentation

This calendar is exactly what my client needed! Its relatively easy to use and very powerful. the lack of documentation is the only thing that really keeps this project back.
Response by EvanCooper on at
Hi Therian,

Glad the calendar add on worked well for you and your client. As for the documentation, we are going to be updating our documentation for the 5.5 update across the board, so calendar will definitely be included in that.
Review posted by clintre on at

Good start

Good well rounded calendar. Have to agree that it needs recurring events and a management back-end for a global view. However at the same time I have a lot of "communities" which the current project I am working on where they will have their own calendars. This approach works well for that.
Review posted by biztek on at

Decent Calendar

Easy to use for the most part. Wish it had a bit more integration with the Dashboard. Would also love to be able to put in recurring events for such as weekly, monthly, annually, etc. But it does what it says and is worth looking into.
Review posted by davidn on at

disastrous software

The Calendar Plugin turns out to be a disastrous software in several aspects:

The plugin does not make use of gettext, so there do no translations exists and it is not possible to create one expect for hacking the core.

You might say the user interface is interesting, but I say it is horibly broken.

The HTML-markup is not really semantic and bad to style using css.
Response by PortlandLabs on at
It is true that the calendar is not built in a way to make it translatable today.

It is not true that it is broken, it works fine for thousands of clients and particularly well for larger sites like colleges where you may have many individual calendars run by departments that need to be aggregated in a parent calendar.

I also don't believe we've ever claimed that all add-ons are built to W3C validation standards.

It's always disappointing to hear that an add-on isn't serving someone's needs, but it is not accurate that this is "disastrous software".
Regardless, this customer has already requested and received a refund.
Review posted by tallacman on at

Calendar Block rocks!

This block works perfect for me. The key to using it is to understand that each even is a page. To edit an event, go to the site map and find the page, and edit that, delete that and you delete the event in the calendar view. Here is a movie I made for a client that shows how to do this:

You can see it in agenda mode here: and the teams button will take you to the aggregated calendar for all the teams in the club.

Take a look at the styling on the month view here:
Review posted by jimbonner on at

very disappointed

this is just a calendar I can't add any events and can't get support. this was purchased because I wanted to add events not because I wanted to know what day it is. bad bad bad
Review posted by edbeeny on at

There's a bug on latest version!

When using the 5 week calendar the popup doesn’t go when you move your mouse away.

This makes it difficult to see other events on other days unless you refresh the page
Review posted by Art22mac on at

ok, but??? correction

I can't add an event without issues.
Review posted by Art22mac on at

ok, but???

It's pretty and all, but I can even add a basic event without issues.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I'm using monthly view.
Response by PortlandLabs on at
If you open a support request I'm sure someone can help you with your configuration.
Review posted by synlag on at

good cal

Quite well written calender extension for concrete5 by core member Andrew.
Thx for this piece of cake!

One thing to fix: events to get display as pretty url. (maybe it already is)

Keep up the good work!
Review posted by F1Maniac on at

No editing of an created event?

hey guys, I think i am missing something out here. After I add an event I dont seem to be able to find anywhere the possibility to edit the event. does anyone know the answer to this?
Review posted by PatrickHeck on at

Not localized properly

The extension doesn't really deliver what you might expect from a commercial product.
A couple of strings are not passed through the translate function and also date handling is not working smoothly with international formats.
Overall it is still working like it should. But if I pay this much I expect a product to be of at least the same quality as the concrete5 core.
Review posted by psulewski on at

Great addon!

Very nice interface and easy to work with.

Being able to change the design of the event page to Left Sidebar or anything else than event would be a nice feature - at this time once event page design is changed, the event will not display within calendar.
Review posted by DigitalCrate on at


Hi, I've re-rated this block due to now knowing that I can edit events as you have now explained.
After using this block more, could I be so bold as to add one further suggestion please????
If its possible, could an overlay be incorporated into this block so that effectively we do away with the calendar_event page and the detail within each event is illustrated without clicking through?
I'm sure this is a whole load of work, just thought it might add that little extra wow factor.
Review posted by frz on at

you can edit events through properties

Great feedback!

put the detail page in edit mode, goto the property tab. you should be able to edit all the details there..

the print calendar idea is going on the roadmap.. thanks!
Review posted by DigitalCrate on at


Excellent calendar.
Maybe a print button would be helpful and also I would love to see the ability to change the events you add rather that delete and re-enter.
Other than that, excellent add-on.
Review posted by frz on at

sweet ui

i love the agenda view on calendars with thousands of events

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