Version History

v1.0.0 Release

v0.9.24 Changes:
- 'Manufacturer' changed to 'Make'
- car parent page 'cars' changed to 'car-rental-cars' to avoid potential conflict with other blocks and packages

v0.9.23 Changes:
- error fixed in setting business hours
- order form buttons 'Change Car' and 'Change Booking' changed to 'Cancel' and 'Restart Booking' respectively

v0.9.22 Changes:
- all aliases changed to respective FQNs

v0.9.21 Changes:
- Delete All Cars, Delete All Content and Install Sample Content functions added to Settings

v0.9.20 Changes:
- bug fixed in installation with sample content

v0.9.19 Changes:
- installation of sample content moved to separate class
- cars and extras page regeneration functionality added

v0.9.18 Changes:
- Show/Hide filter and search options functionality added to car list block
- $this->get changed to $this->request->query->get in car list controller

v0.9.17 Changes:
- booking page and blocks updated to use cars cID instead of url

v0.9.16 Changes:
- settings for business hours changed to allow selection of minutes, e.g. 8:30
- code added to install sample content (car, category, manufacturer, location, extra)

v0.9.15 Changes:
- another bug fixed in check for uniquenessv

0.9.14 Changes:
- Bug fixed in check for uniqueness

v0.9.13 Changes:
- Bug fixed in check for uniqueness

v0.9.12 Changes:
- Tests for uniqueness added for car, category, manufacturer, extra, location

v0.9.11 Changes:
- Minor bug fixed of variables renaming

v0.9.10 Changes:
- numerous bug fixes
- variable names clean-up, changed to lower case - DB affected and must be reinstalled*
- car rental business hours added
- variables taking user input strings fixed to work with multilingual

v0.9.9 Changes:
- Extra pages functionality added with corresponding block
- bug fixed in saving location
- bug fixed in icons for car features
- Request::getInstance() changed to $app->make(\Concrete\Core\Http\Request::class)

v0.9.8 Changes:
- getting path of $img_url moved to controller
- error_token changed to less revealing, same error now thrown on block ID mismatch
- post() changed to request->request->all()
- single page load wait removed
- single page Categories controller changed to update cars base price if category base price changed
- single page Cars controller changed to delete car price rules if no price override selected
- Car, CarCategory, Extra classes changed to delete prices on deleting car/category/extra
- price rules added for extras, booking updated accordingly
- active category highlighting added to Car List block categories menu
- booking summary added to booking confirmation page

v0.9.7 Changes:
- Added functionality to override all category prices for each car

v0.9.6 Changes:
- Tested in C5-8.3.2 so changed min required version to 8.3.2
- Removed requirement for Message when submitting car order
- Fixed errors as was suggested for Simple Comments package

v0.9.5 Changes:
- Deprecated redirect() changed to Redirect::to()

v0.9.4 Changes:
- 'nullable=true' added to integer and decimal fields in classes

v0.9.3 Changes:
- A few more '<?=' corrected

v0.9.2 Changes:
- Removed/replaced _(), <?= and Core::make()
- Added comments for empty but required install, uninstall, upgrade functions
- Replaced ItemList pagination with new non-deprecated code
- Replaced db->GetOne/GetAll with db->fetchColumn/fetchAll

v0.9.1 Unused code and files deleted

v0.9.0 PRB version