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Car Sale

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Car Sale Listing add-on

Minimum required (verified) version of C5 - 8.3.2!

- Intuitive setup
- Extensive options to add vehicles, groups, categories, makes, models, editions, countries, states/regions, cities, districts, postcodes
- Dashboard page with lots of features and fine tune settings and options
- Comes with blocks: car lists (normal, Exclusive, Featured, random), car, car groups and categories (with sidebar template)
- NEW Random car list block added
- Inquiry form which sends emails set on Settings page
- Basic and advanced detail filters, search and sort, tons of options
- Turn on/off info to display in blocks
- Exclusive, featured and all car listing
- Image gallery for each car
- LocationIQ maps and geocoding*
- Responsive design
- English and Russian language
- Verified to work with C5 8.3.2 - 8.5.4
- Option to install sample content

How to install

1. Unzip add-on file in your site's packages/ folder
2. Login to your site as an administrator
3. Find "Add Functionality" page in Dashboard
4. Find this package in list of packages Awaiting installation
5. Click "Install" button
6. [Optional] Select to Instal Sample Content - this will pre-install groups, categories, makes, models, editions, fuels, gearboxes, steerings, drives, statuses, countries, states/regions, cities, districts, postcodes and a few cars to help you get started

How to use

1. After installing the package, go to Settings. You can set a different parent page for the cars to be published under. You can set and change system defaults there. LocationIQ API Token is also set there. You can delete either all cars or all package content from the database. You can also install sample content to help you get started with the package. Note: you can uninstall and reinstall the package without loss of database content. However, after this all car pages will have to be regenerated. Regeneration is also required if a different parent page is selected.
2. Next go to Locations and add countries, states/regions, cities, districts and postcodes nearest to the cars. These will then be avaiable for selecting for each car.
3. Next go to Cars -> Groups and add as required, e.g. Cars, Boats, Bikes etc.
4. Next go to Cars -> Categories and add as required, e.g. Sedan, Wagon, 4WD etc.
5. Next go to Cars -> Makes/Models/Editions/Fuels/Gearboxes/Steerings/Drives/Statuses and add as required.
6. Next go to Cars and add as required. Cars can be set as Exclusive and Featured - they will be grouped separately in the respective Exclusive and Featured lists and shown with the respective tags in the car lists. If car is new, it can be selected and it will be shown with a 'New' tag in the lists. The car listing date is shown for information after the car is saved and can be used for filtering in the list. Prices are straightforward, you can set a base price and a sale price. Location is straightforward, however if you enter the address - it will be used for search and filtering. If you have a LocationIQ API Token and wish to show maps, (after saving the token in Settings) you can use the LocationIQ geocoding service to search for the appropriate address and save the car latitude and longitude coordinates to be used for showing the car on the map on the car block. At least a primary image is most recommended - this is what will be shown in the car listing, the secondary are optional and are only shown on the car block. The detail page is where all car info with a car block will be displayed - it's created automatically after saving the car. Note: car page can be deleted and recreated without loss of data.
7. Next go to Cars parent page and edit the car list block to suit - various info can be turned on/off.
8. You can go to each car page and edit the car block to suit if required - various info can be turned on/off. Alternatively, car block defaults can be set in the Car Sale Car Page Type.
9. You can add car groups and categories block throughout the site as required. Note: the car groups and categories block always links to the Cars parent page.

- Only full stop '.' can be used as decimal separator in settings input fields in Dashboard!
- Add-on is styled for use with Bootstrap theme.
- All identifiers, i.e. car unique ID, group, category, make, model, edition, fuel, gearbox, steering, drive, status, country, state/region, city, district, postcode must be unique strings.
- 2 colors for car feature icons are provided in the ab_car_sale/img folder. They are set in the car and car list blocks controller.php.
- Multilingual support is not provided out of the box and is not included in the package cost. Multilingual setup is possible, however it requires changes in code and can only be provided as paid support.
- You can add images for the Groups, Categories and Makes but they are only used in the Dashboard for display to help you distinguish the different types, they're not used anywhere else.
- Purpose of the 'Locations' Dashboard page is only to help the user remember or quickly see which locations are available (if they want to do that) instead of checking each individual country, state, city etc., the made locations are not used anywhere else in the package.
- Min Price filter uses the base price, not the sale price
- LocationIQ map and geocoding services require API Token which you can obtain after registering at

Current Version: 1.1.3
Fully Translatable: Yes
Needs External Libraries: No
Compatible 8.3.2+
License: Standard
Support Response: Replies to tickets once a week or so.
Support Hosted: On
Needs extra server permissions: No
Needs Internet: No
Marketplace Tests:
Passed Automated Tests
Passed PRB Review