• Works on all browsers (including iPad/iPhone)
  • Supports vertical and horizontal animation
  • Add as many carousel items as you wish
  • Select images from the File Manager
  • Optional automatic resizing and/or cropping of images
  • Easily link individual "slides" to any page on your website (using the built-in Sitemap)
  • Easily enter an optional "title and "description" for each slide
  • Choose from 7 transition speeds and 12 animation speeds
  • It even support disabling the auto-scroll feature (if you wish to make your own custom "previous" and "next" links)
  • 10 animation effects available (including "bounce in")
  • Control the number of carousel items visible at one time
  • Easily adjust the number of carousel items that move with each animation (eg. move 1 item at a time or move 3 at a time, it's up to you!)
  • Support for mouse wheel scroll control of carousel
  • 3 basic built-in styles or use the awesome custom style builder
  • Choose from over 450 fonts thanks to Google Web Fonts
  • Also independantly set the size & colour of the "title" and "description"
  • Includes some sample code snippets for CSS designers if you wish to completely control the styling of the carousel.