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I wouldn't buy this. While it says its user friendly I found it to be the opposite. Its nothing more than a image slider with a few bells and whistles.
Review posted by JoshJ on at

Fills a Special Need

I found Carousel Pro to be uniquely useful for a text-heavy slideshow. I had seven slides to show, and decided to display three at one time. Thus, fast readers could see all seven slides in just four cycles.

The add-on worked flawlessly, and the support was outstanding.
Review posted by KarenSloan on at

Carousel Pro

Carousel Pro is a great add-on and I can't wait to get more creative with it. Support is very prompt and I would like to congratulate JZ on a great tool. Keep up the good work!
Response by jb1 on at
Hi Karen,

Thanks for your great review we really appreciate it!


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