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Review posted by msanderson on at

Absolutely Fantastic

We were already using CloudFlare but wanted even better performance, especially because the site involves a lot of big backstretch images. We now have the site integrated with both Cloudflare (no add-on required) and MaxCDN (using the CDN Manager from Hostco).

It loads very quickly from all over the world and gets scores of 93% or better on both PageSpeed and YSlow. Very, very happy with this add-on.

Before 1.0.1

Review posted by vsop on at

Great for MaxCDN

I can honestly say that this CDN addon for MaxCDN is working Wonders. There are some minor Things to be aware of, especially that override cache have to be disabled before installing. Be sure to remember this. Ive been told that in a future relase a more adapted way of handling the disable cache feature will be implemented. The CDN addon allso gives you great ways of controlling the CDN settings from within the dashboard. This is really nice, since you can track statistics and change settings from within. Ill highly recomend this addon for anyone WHO wants to get full support for CDN.

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