Which information will be sent?

  • The domains on which the concrete5 installation has been accessed
  • Packages (all information)
  • Block Types (id, name, handle, description)
  • Jobs (all job information, and the job URL to call it)
  • Environment information (concrete5 version, php version, ip address, overrides)
  • Files summary (total number of files, total file size, biggest files, biggest images)
  • Logs summary (total number of logs, total number of exceptions)
  • Pages summary (total number of pages, all unapproved page names and their link)
  • Users summary (total number of users, last login date)

How is the data stored?

All the sensitive data (e.g. paths, job urls, etc.) are encrypted in the database. We need to store the data, to make it possible to search and filter quickly. Please note that our goal is to provide a solid and secure solution for concrete5 developers and agencies.

I don't want to use the Centry portal, what can I do?

Sure, no problem. You can create your own endpoint. The only thing you have to do is accept a JSON payload. The URL to the endpoint is configurable.

I want more functionality
It is possible to buy the self-hosted version, it contains more functionality. You can also decide the fork the project, because you will get access to the portal code. That way you can customize it the way you want.

Will it work with subdomains or in a multi domain environment?


Will it work if I have installations in sub folders?

Yes, since version 2.0.