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Review posted by leobag on at


I agree..... it gives a lot of informations about my website ... it's just what I was looking for..!
Review posted by jackbasting on at

Like it

Works great and gives you a lot of information about your site.
Review posted by juddc on at

Works as advertised.

Super handy. Works great. Thanks for this.
Review posted by chrison999 on at

Love it!

This is a REALLY handy little add-on! It was super easy to install and setup, and the stats and other info provided by Clicky is very informative!

BRAVO! I highly recommend this add-on for anyone who wants to get good stats on their site's utilization!
Review posted by MysteriousCleon on at

Easy to use and powerful.

Very easy to use, powerful tool to get real-time controll of our sites. And checking results through the dashboard is very comfortable.
Review posted by kdyer on at

Like it! And yes, it does rock!

This is definitely an add-on worth checking out. Love the integration right into Concrete. Makes life so much easier. I think I have said this before here on this site, but when you don't have to think with an add-on, that is a good one in my book.


Review posted by tallacman on at


After a brief problem figuring out where the site code bits where on the Clicky site (this was early am - pre coffee), the block installed flawlessly. Checking back after a time I could see all the hits, what they were on and even if the mobile browser was an iPhone or an android.

I must say this is the "cats meow"!
And much easier than google. (Now watch: google will by them).
Review posted by vfxguru001 on at

Great Add-on

Had never heard of Clicky until I saw your add-on. I love the service and your add-on rocks- thank you!
Review posted by rritz on at

how easy can it get

just installed, registered with clicky and hey presto - clicky is in dashboard
it cannot get any easier or more convenient. Great add on!
Review posted by 12345j on at

Great Portal

This addon is a great portal for clicky. Easy to set up and provides more in depth info than the c5 tracker. Great job!
Response by tbcrowe on at
Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

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