Questions & Answers

How do I get to Code Helper?

Once purchased and installed, go to your dashboard. You should see a section/link called “Code Helper”.

How do I begin generating code?

  1. Under the “Basics” section (1), select a type under “Code Helper Type”;
  2. Under the “Specify” section (2), a form will slide down;
  3. Enter required fields, marked with an asterisk (*). All required standard fields are listed at the top of this form;
  4. Optionally check checkboxes where needed, change dropdowns or input text;
  5. When you’re done, hit enter or click “Generate the code!” button;
  6. Click on “Copy to Clipboard” to copy the result (code) to your clipboard or select everything within the text area (right under “Result”) and use the “copy” shortcut code of your device (CTRL + C on Windows, COMMAND + C on Mac);
  7. Paste the copied code to where you need it, using your “paste” shortcut code of your device (CTRL + V on Windows, COMMAND + V on Mac);
  8. Optionally check the “Generate Encoded String” checkbox under the “Basics” section and follow steps 6 + 7 again;

What’s “Generate Encoded String”?

When you’re filling in the form with this checkbox checked, a string will be generated with the input you provided. This way you can easily recover the form, without filling in each and every field again. Just copy/paste the generated string into the “Decode your string” section at the bottom of the page.

What’s the purpose of “/*” and “*/” in my code?

You’ve probably checked “Generate Encoded String”. In PHP, these things mean you’re using comments. This will prevent anything to execute in the PHP language, so you can write and type whatever you want in between these characters. Code Helper added an encoded string here for you to easily recover the form the way you entered it.

Can I copy “/*” and “*/” along in the “Encoded String” text area?

Yes, you can. Do not copy anything else along though.

How do I decode my string?

Scroll down to the “Decode your string” section at the bottom of the “Code Helper” page. Paste in the generated encoded string. You can start copying from the “/*” until the “*/”. You can also start copying right after the comment start and comment end, that’s up to you. Hit “Decode” and your form should populate with the entered values. If the page is refreshing, you’ve probably hit an incorrect encoded string (or were just trying something funny in this text area). You will have to populate the form manually instead.

I have a suggestion for a new Code Helper Type, what do I do?

Make a new post in the “Get Help” section, starting your subject with “TYPE REQUEST:” following with a name for this new type you’re suggesting.

There’s something missing for one of the existing Code Helper Types, what do I do?

Make a new post in the “Get Help” section, starting your subject with “TYPE ADDITION:” following with a name for this new option you’re suggesting.

Sometimes my code is only on 1 (one) line, how so?

If the code you need is only 1 line of code, it’s best to have the opening tags of PHP in front and after this line. Will save you a few bits on file size yet it stays readable.