Version History

Changes between 0.9.2 and 0.9.1:



  • maxlength added to form.php to avoid risk of database exception.
  • Now using unique identifier (bUID) instead of bID as per forum topics and
  • Bogus ‘name’ attribute removed from div.
  • All block-specific functions and data are now in gond_validator object.
  • Introduced a validation token to protect against CSRF.
  • Call to undefined function getBlockTypeName() fixed by prepending $this->


Changes between 0.9.0 and 0.9.1:

  • Wrapped additional English strings in t() in mail/gond_contact_no_links.php, controller.php (setSubject), and view.php (javascript).
  • Fixed capitalisation of table name (now btGondContactNoLinks).
  • Checked $bID in controller action function, and made equivalent changes to view.php to handle multiple forms on the one page.
  • Replaced $_POST[] with $this->post().
  • Improved checks on input variables: c5's h() used on all variables before output to HTML email template to prevent HTML injection; used c5's validation helper to check email address.
  • Removed @ from @$mailService->sendMail(); wrapped same in try{}; reported any exception to user and c5's \Log.
  •  Package name made more distinct: now ‘gond_contact_no_links’.
  • To the extent possible, moved javascript to js/gond_contact_no_links.js


  • Original submission (as 'contact_no_links'); see