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Review posted by omzke on at


It's a really good addon, but is not working 4 me
the cu3er block doesnt appear in the list, while other
addons do.

I take that back, Yes it was a permission issue in my server

Response by jb1 on at
This is a file permission issue on your server. It's not the type of thing that should be placed in a review, rather it is resolved with a support request. You can see by reviews on all my other addons that I respond quickly to support requests. Please also keep in mind over 5200 other folks have downloaded and used this addon and love it.
Review posted by DianaAyub on at

Great Add-on!

Love it :)
clean and simple. pretty transition and customizable size !
Review posted by Stiny on at

I Wept!

You, dear sir, have wrought in me such emotion that I would not have felt possible in the world of web development. You brought tears to my eyes!

Seriously, this thing ROCKS! So beautiful, and so easy to use too! Brilliant!
Review posted by interwebguru on at

Top of the blocks...

Yeah have to say this add-on is super cool. The integration with concrete5 works well and the if not the support is there when you need help. Id certainly recommend trying Cu3er out. I would pay easily pay $15 for a version that did no have the red Cu3er box while at page load. For commercial projects its worth spending the money to keep a clients branding consistant. Thanks for the great block.
Review posted by madelyn on at

I like!!

I like, is so simple and functional.

Thanks :-)
Review posted by lwduk on at

Brilliant Add-on

A cool looking add-on with a nice simple UI. Support from C5 Extras was excellent.
Review posted by wagdi on at


That's the response I got when i first showed it to people. We had it published in minutes. It was up and running in no time with images, url-links and captions. Great work. Thanks.
Review posted by Styves on at

So cool!

Everything was said by the previous member. Continue your great work; the best is yet to come. A+
Review posted by tallacman on at

A cool effect gets attention

Easy to install and use. Good controls with lots of options make installing this a no-brainer. OK, it uses flash but it does so for a reason. I have it installed here: I would definitely but this for $15 for a photo website.

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