Cycle2 Documentation

This addon uses the Cycle2 plugin written my Mike Alsup

It supports a number of effects including:

  • fade
  • fadeout
  • scroll horizontally
  • scroll vertically
  • shuffle (slide flies out and tucks itself behind the rest
  • continuous slide
  • flip horizontal - images turn upside down and back again
  • flip vertical
  • tile slide - image breaks into tiles and move out of view horizontally
  • tile blind - as above but as if a seried of blinds are being pulled down over the windows

Continous slide isn't recommended, because it can thrash the CPU of the device viewing it. Your mobile users may not thank you for this. If you use it, set the slide duration value to a relatively high number, such as 12,000 otherwise slides will fly across the screen rather too quickly.

By default a title and subtitle are added to each slide, and optionally a button which links to either another page or an external URL may be added. The title is also a link.

Other options are

  • Sync transitions - If checked then animation of the incoming and outgoing slides will be synchronized. If unchecked then the animation for the incoming slide will not start until the animation for the outgoing slide completes
  • Pause on hover - the slide sho will pause when the mouse moves over it
  • Enable swipe for mobile devices
  • Disable autoplay - the slide show will require manual transitions between slides
  • Show Buttons - show the link button on the slide show
  • Navigation - show next/previous arrows, bullets for each slide or no navigation
  • Slide Duration - the time in milliseconds that the slide is visible for
  • Slide transition speed - the time taken to change from one slide to the next
  • buttonCSS classes - by default the CSS classes used for the link button are "btn btn-default" which are compatible with a Bootstrap based theme or the default Elemental theme. Your theme may have other classes it uses to define buttons. If it does, enter them here.