General Usage

Images are required for each day of the week, as well as for the fallback message. However, the text content is optional and you can enter custom HTML.

You can optionally choose between displaying the messages constantly (always), or only during a specific month. If messages are to be displayed only during a specific month, a fallback message will be display when it is NOT that specified month.



Image Style - Specify whether the image is circular or square and with or without a drop shadow.

Image Size - Specify width of image in relation to the container. Images are responsive.

  • Tiny = 25%
  • Small = 33%
  • Medium = 50%
  • Large = 75%
  • Full = 100%

Long Term Display - Specify whether to show all the time (always), or during a specific month.

Display Month - Choose a specific month to display the messages. If it is not that current month, the fallback message will be displayed.

Display Current Date - Show or hide the current date.

Date Format - Render the current date in a specific format.