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Dashboard Maximizer

For anyone having difficulty using this add-on with versions please try updating to the latest version - v2.0.4

Note: For the time being on older C5 versions (prior to please continue to use Dashboard Maximizer v2.0.2. This version is functionally identical to the latest version but I need to do some more legacy testing before advising all users update.


Whilst we're all happy to agree that the 5.5 UI overhaul was a triumph, it would be fair to say that one or two of the Dashboard pages could certainly benefit from a little more space for their content...particularly the table-heavy search pages like the file manager and form results, and the theme customizer. With this in mind, the addition of a little fluid-friendly CSS can make a world of difference, and we can keep the full appearance of the UI whilst allowing those pages to make much better use of wider, high-resolution monitors.

Dashboard Maximizer - which can be controlled either via master dashboard settings switch, at the page level via new, custom select-type 'maximize' page attribute or with a new maximize/minimize page header icon -  simply introduces a small CSS file to your Dashboard pages, tweaking the existing grid/layouts with percentage based widths. Nothing else is touched, the styles and one or two edge-case overrides are as specific as possible, and functionality should be fully maintained (in fact, hopefully, enhanced)!

Go ahead...maximize those Dashboard pages and add all the extra attributes you want to your File Manager and Page Search tables! c5.6 friendly!


NEW! Updated for Concrete 5.6 release! Fully backward compatible with previous releases, so all should be safe to update to v2.0.1

Dashboard now flows full-width and is fully responsive down to mobile thanks to new core c5.6 styles (thanks guys!)


As of v1.1.0, Dashboard Maximizer now employs media-queries so that its override styles only kick in for a suitably high-resolution monitor. Your window less than 980px in width? Maximizer is bypassed, its icon hidden, and original dashboard styles left entirely untouched! If the general concensus is that this is unnecessary, post a comment or send me a message...will revert back to the simple max-width CSS declaration for future versions.

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