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Review posted by webpresso on at

Flexible Output for AdvancedForms

This addon comes handy for flexible output with advanced forms data. Saves a lot of time and helps to create a lot of data handling solutions in concrete5.
Review posted by russellglee1 on at


This add-on provides a powerful platform for a variety of uses -- however, it does require a certain level of technical experience and knowledge (or improved documentation) to unlock the potential for entry level users. A community knowledge base, including participation of more advanced users answering basic questions, providing examples of form uses, sample CSS, etc., would be helpful for beginning users (and probably take pressure off of Justin to address the big questions). As documentation and support is improved this may well become a 5+ add-on.
Review posted by ProjbyP on at

Awesome Add-On ... Quality / Affordable / Best Add-On Yet!

Awesome - This add-on has a learning curve and probably will be difficult for a new user with little to no database or web experience. But for those willing to take time to get past the learning curve, this is an awesome add-on and very powerful.

Quality - This package is exceptional. I have been able to create dynamic, data driven applications that work, projects that, in the past, required a PHP programmer.

Affordable - did you ever pay a developer for custom work? $85 for the package (Advanced Forms with Data Display) is very affordable.

Best Add-On Yet - This package has so much potential and will probably replace many other add-ons that I have used in the past. My mind is full of ideas. Instead of buying a bunch of $20 to $50 add-ons, I can create many from this package -- FAQs, blog, portfolio, etc.

P.S. My first project took weeks to do as I was learning. The second was done in a matter of hours. I keep learning new ways to make it work for me! :-)
Review posted by navteca on at

Quality Products - but lack of support

Do you prefer the smartest guy who works like "solo" cowboy, or an average person who is a team player?
You would probably be facing a similar question here when buying Mr Garcia's product, very good products, but you would be "solo" playing with them.
If it was a real commercial software company, the lack of support would have ruin the enterprise a long time ago.

A real pity because the products are very good.

Anyway, i am sure there is an explanation for everything, if we only were lucky enough to be told.
Ok, the product is really good, and pack of features. The real problem is human's cloning technology, we need to progress on that end and make a clone of jGarcia :) to help you.
I look forward to check the additional documentation out, that would really help.
Response by jgarcia on at
Thanks for the review! You are right about a lot - I'm one person who maintains a couple of add-ons that have grown immensely in both function and in usage over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, I don't have a team of people to help me to keep up with support requests, feature requests, and general questions and discussion, so I do my best to keep up with all the requests I get (which are usually multiple per day).

That said - that's why I strive really hard to make sure that these are, like you said, *quality* products. And I do believe they are. Generally, bug related support requests get fixed really quickly - it's the feature request and "how do I do this" questions that take a little longer. So even though I do get behind on support requests from time to time, the product itself, I believe, is in really good shape.

I intend to spend some time soon to further develop the documentation which I believe will help quite a bit. I'm sorry that the support wasn't to the level you hoped/expected, but I hope the products still work well for you!
Review posted by CMSDeveloper on at

Nice add-on in combination with Advanced Forms

Because off lack on support, just 1 star
Udated jan. 7 2013
Can finally ad it to a project page and auto update this website
Response by jgarcia on at
Hi Pam. I was looking for the support thread you posted, but couldn't find one. If you can point me to it, I'd be glad to look into it.
Review posted by diorist on at

Expensive, but a great value

I admit I waffled a LOT before buying Data Display and Advanced forms. Since I'm not a professional developer, all of that cash came directly out of pocket. That said, in any universe where time has any value at all, this set of addons is more than worth its price. At this point in C5's maturity, there is simply no better (and, practically speaking, no other) way to rapidly create even slightly complex directories on a C5 website.

Now, when the developer says there's a bit of a learning curve, that's true. Both DD and AF are complex extensions with many options. It takes a while to figure out how to configure everything in combination. When you get into it, though, you'll find that DD can do just about everything you want. Their beauty is in their flexibility, and the more you dig into them, the more inspired you'll be.

I came to C5 from Joomla, where Sobi and Moset's are the gorillas of directory extensions. DD/AF rivals both---with more functional potential and less hassle. One of the things that always killed me on Joomla was that, especially with complex extensions, you'd reliably hit some niggling-yet-critical requirement where you just couldn't get there from here. I haven't found that limitation yet with DD/AF---and, really, I've tried. DD/AF seems remarkably unencumbered by baked-in assumptions about what you will and won't want to do. Moreover, the addon's code elegance, the overall elegance of the surrounding C5 framework, and the existing documentation (not least of all the developer's forums) mean you can fix, build, or bend just about whatever you need to get the job done.

Bottom line: this is a great addon set. Not perfect, not cheap, but actually awesome. And, for the price, an outstanding value.
Review posted by jbatey on at


I can't believe the raw power of this add-on along with the advanced forms add-on. There will be a learning code if you do not know html or xml, but this should not sway you from buying this incredible add on. It's expensive, but you truly get what you pay for and more.
Review posted by AbeAnders on at


This add-on should be core. Amazingly effective and flexible, absolutely worth every penny. The more you use it, the more things you will come up with for this add-on to do. Watch sixeightmedia's videos on youtube, prepare to have your mind blown. Can't say enough good about it.
Review posted by prema520 on at

Another happy customer

Great module. Heaps of potential -- we're already using it in several projects.

It would be really cool if some day we could easily have relational access to the framework user database .. so that each contact could have related records
Review posted by jvansanten on at

Foundational Add-On

If you or your audience needs to enter/display/filter/search for data, this is the add-on to have.

Not every business site will need such. But, increasingly, websites are becoming content- and interactive-rich. In such a scenario, the incredible flexibility and thoughtful design of Advanced Forms and Data Display will likely play a key role.

Uses include:
Sales Listings
Business Processes
General Data Entry

And, the flexibility that we've come to expect with C5 is part and parcel of this add-on.
Review posted by chrispletz on at

the perfect flexible content display block

Perfect block (needs advanced form block) to display content without having to worry about the formatting... Add your content (trhough the advanced form block, or in the dasboard), create templates for your entries, and voila!
you end up with a always well formatted content, whatever people have entered...
You can display list of entries, or a unique entry (very flexible as you can pass fields value trhough the url...)

you can baically display in one page 1000s of different content in one page!
Review posted by hursey013 on at


I can echo what the other before me have said - the advanced forms/data display combo can accomplish just about anything you throw at it - very flexible. There was obviously a ton of attention to the small details, and the code behind the scene is well thought out and of high quality.
Review posted by jstrong on at

Just Wonderful

Advanced Forms and Data Display are hands down the most useful add-ons I've purchased from the marketplace. The author is also very response to questions and has really thought through how these packages integrate, and what features are necessary.

Great, great great! -J
Review posted by xs2 on at

the Crown of the Advanced Forms

Data Display. What else?

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