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Before 1.2.5

Review posted by cri8iv on at

Awesome Service and Support! Awesome AddOn!

Just the add on I was looking for. Ed, the developer of this add-on also does excellent service and support. Worked with me every bit of the way (probably out of his way too...) to get it exactly perfect!
Am buying more for my other sites.
Very reliable and worthy.
Review posted by Dutchwave on at

Good service!

After installation I ran into some problems. C5 has had quite some 5.7.x updates and because of this the fronted didn't show any locations. Made a ticket and the maker of the plugin helped me really quick! It was a minor bug that got fixed easily.

After the plugin does what it says. Its really nice if a user needs to add locations. Its very easy.
Next I couldn't where to adjust the size of the custom marker images. A message later and I was helped. (its in system/thumbnails)

So 5 stars!

1.2.5 -

Review posted by CarstenJt on at

Great Add-On with excellent Service!

My headline says it all - this add-on offers various use cases (e.g. a map with open vacancies) and the support is just really, really great!

I absolutly can recommend this extension!


1.2.6 -

Review posted by dantheman on at

Excellent flexible add-on, great value

I purchased this add-on for a manufacturer with just over 100 dealers across New Zealand. After some initial difficulties which were promptly resolved by the developer (new minor release required) it was very straightforward to get this working and I am very pleased with it.
The only improvements I would suggest are that the documentation needs a bit of a tidy-up, especially regarding the column names required for CSV import and the names of the required Google Maps APIs that need to be enabled at the Google end of things.
I am very grateful to the developer for a really solid and well-supported add-on!
Review posted by biomassive2 on at

Great add-on

Used this on three different sites, and added extensive custom code. Works perfectly.

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