import CSV but do no resolve long and lat automatically

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My client asks me to insert a store location with up to 12.000 points
I've tried on your demo site ver 1.3.7
I've put in the API google key

When I import the CSV all works, but latitude and longitude remain blank, so I would have to edit each location, reimput the address and then only it appears correctly geolocated

Could it be possible to add geolocation when I import CSV ?

Second question... Centre of map (in block parameter)

even typing in an address nothing changes and the value is not saved ... I would expect to enter an address that is the default map center (on your demo site it is england.. how to change it ?)

Can you please help me ?
Best regards

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skau61 replied on at Permalink Reply
... please consider that I will work on c821 and your test site is on
edbeeny replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Michele,

No the import doesn't resolve the longitude and latitude at the time of import. Originally when I created the script I found that Google started to throw a few errors so I decided to add this part to a job.

After importing of the stores, go to jobs where you will find a HonestWebsites Store Geocode job. Run this, you may have to run a few times as google will only geocode a certain amount in one batch.

The second issue, it should work in the same way as adding a store. start typing an address and a drop down should appear, when you select that address it saves the longitude and latitude when you save the screen. If this is not working there may be an issue on your page. Can you message me the page and I will have a look.

edbeeny replied on at Permalink Reply
I have also found a small bug with regards to centre of map. I will post an update later.

edbeeny replied on at Permalink Reply
New version uploaded to the marketplace. This works fine with 8.2.1

skau61 replied on at Permalink Reply
hi.. ok for cron

the second issue happens on your demo site... so i think you can easly you check it

let me know

thank you so much in advance

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edbeeny replied on at Permalink Reply
The second issue is now fixed on the demo site.

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