Version History


* Added "App hidden in header" field under the "Titles & Metas", to completely remove the meta content="concrete5";


* Versions of concrete5 8.2.1 and higher don't need the header override anymore (since this got introduced into the core and is how we want it to be);


* Updated header_required.php file to match the latest header_required.php file (from concrete5 version 8.2.1);


* If the "Company or person" field in the "Your Info" tab is not selected, don't output the ld+json information in the source of the site;


* If the concrete5 website is using HTTPS, use that protocol in the URL as well inside the JSON-LD script (;


* Removed hreflang "x-default";
* Fixed error that may occur in running the automated jobs "Index Search Engine" (due to typecasting in the "MetaDevodaSeoValue" class);


* When a page is set to "Index" or "Follow", these options will never show. Previously, if used in combination with extra advanced settings (like NO ODP), it would show them anyway;


* Humans TXT logo could sometimes not show up on the "Humans TXT" dashboard page;
* Removed "fieldset" for dashboard pages, to remove the extra padding at the bottom of the form/page;
* Added a "Respect 'Exclude From Nav'" option for the breadcrumbs. When enabled: each page with the 'Exclude From Nav' attribute checked, will not appear in the breadcrumbs (Root/home and currently active page excluded)


* "Page not found" will try and translate the page name now (for those users that haven't got English as language/locale);
* "Breadcrumbs Title" attribute will be added upon install, so the user doesn't have to create it before being able to use it;


* Minor updates to the "Devoda SEO" attribute to fix an index issue;


* Minor updates to the "Devoda SEO" attribute to fix an install issue;


* Rewritten attributes to follow patterns of concrete5 version 8 coding style;
* Changed deprecated "getCollectionAttributeValue" function into "getAttribute";


* Fixes to work with concrete5 version 8.x (due to core changes);


* Added help links (which can be enabled/disabled under "General Settings" - "General" tab), including a YouTube link and a link to the support forums (hosted on;
* Updated .pot language file;
* Updated Dutch language translation;


* Minor "General Settings" page update (added Version History);
* Updated header_required.php file (extra enter at bottom of the file) to match the newly introduced header_required.php file (which came with my Pull Request to make this Add-On work more smoothly);


* Minor textual change for "Anchor text for the Homepage";
* Added Humans TXT logo on "Humans TXT" page/section;
* Added "Company" and "Person" icons in front of their titles under "General" ("Your Info" tab);
* Added "Sitemap" icon in front of "XML Sitemap" button text;


* If Facebook/Twitter/Google+ is disabled, they won't show up next to the "Advanced" tab, when you edit/add the "Devoda SEO" attribute of a page (the values will be kept though);
* Check to see if the "getCurrentPage" is actually an object (could be not, in the "upgrade" page for example);
* Added danger message to "File Editor" page, because people HAVE to know what they are doing here before actually doing something to one of the files;
* Bootstrap Switch fix for Chrome (and maybe other browser) in the "SEO" section of a page;
* YouTube URL is also possible now (also possible without "user/" as it was before);
* Moved $activeLanguage declaration within humans_txt single page (view) to its controller (having the "use Localization" statement in the view also caused on error on some machines);
* A created header override will have 0777 rights attached to it (instead of 777), to be able to delete it with this Add-On as well;
* Updated breadcrumbs template to work better in all circumstances;
* Updated .pot language file;
* Updated Dutch language translation;


* Added support for "Humans TXT" (see who's using Humans TXT:;
* Updated .pot language file;
* Updated Dutch language translation;


* Created override that may be integrated as core file (Pull Request submitted:;
* As a new override has been created, this Add-On will check for all available versions (all versions included within this Add-On) upon visiting the 'Override header' page, installing, updating and uninstalling the Add-On;
* If core header_required file matches the Add-On's header_required, no override will be needed/created (this will also be mentioned on the 'Override header' page, with an option to delete the override);
* Updated .pot language file;
* Updated Dutch language translation;
* Added social media icons (with their distinctive color) before the social media name under the "Social" page;
* Developers: Changed PHP "unlink" function to use concrete5's "Local" class (with the function "delete" to unlink files);


* Changed typo "Twitter" into "Facebook" ("Twitter Description") for Facebook tab - SEO section of a page;
* Added protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) with the Token Validation Library (;
* Added extra info/intro for breadcrumbs on the "Breadcrumbs" tab (under Advanced);
* Removed the underline from the links under the "Tools" page;


* Changed length of 'value' column within "atMetaRobotsFollow" from 7 to 8 characters length;
* Removed deprecated ADODB Replace() method within attributes "meta_robots_follow" and "meta_robots_index";
* Added "meta_devoda_seo" attribute, which makes it possible to add page specific SEO (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ but also some meta robot values);
* Replaced "Prefix for Search Page breadcrumbs" with "Search Page breadcrumbs title", making it easy to maintain the whole breadcrumb of the page;
* Added text attribute "Breadcrumbs Title", which can be assigned to pages. Once assigned and entered, you can overrule the breadcrumb of the page (instead of displaying the page title);
* Added ability to bold/strong the last page within the breadcrumbs;
* When there is no sitemap.xml generated yet, the product will tell you there is no sitemap yet and how to generate one;
* Added missing translation (t('Translate this string')) functions to strings;
* Added .pot file to be able to translate the Add-On to other languages;
* Added Dutch translation/language for the complete Add-On;
* Added icon to "meta_robots_follow" and "meta_robots_index" attributes;
* Added missing exec or die statement to /attributes/meta_devoda_seo/form.php;
* Removed $_POST usages and replaced with Request::post();

#v0.9.1 - v0.9.3

* Minor bugfixes and code improvements


* Initial Release