Version History


* Added "Post Installation" popup dialog, to immediately get started with the Add-On (no need to manually navigate after installation);
* Added extra message for the "Publisher Key" field, to not copy the '(' and ')' characters at the start/end of the publisher key;
* Developers: Rewritten old array syntax (array()) to new array syntax ([]);
* Developers: Added EOL for each file per PRS-2 requirements;


* Improved User Interface (UI) when using the "ShareThis" block in composer form(s);
* Developers: Included "use AssetList" instead of calling full namespace;


* Developers: Removed unused "use URL" statement in the "ShareThis" block's controller;
* Applied CSS changes to make all counters Bootstrap compatible;


* Changed package directory variable, to work with both "Pretty URL's" configurations and non-pretty URL's configuration;


* Updated Automated Job ("Update ShareThis icons") to use concrete5's file service (concrete/src/File/Service/File.php) instead of directly using PHP's "file_put_contents()" function;


* Initial Release