How to install

Before adding a “ShareThis” block to your page, I advice to configure the settings first. Without the “Publisher Key” from ShareThis, you won’t be able to display any share services. Upon adding a block, you will get this notice too.

In order to configure your ShareThis settings, install the Add-On and browse to your concrete5 dashboard. Go to “System & Settings” – “Basics” – “ShareThis”. We’ve already configured most of the settings, so to display share services, you only need to enter your publisher key. Don’t hesitate to click though the tabs on this settings page and configure settings otherwise!

If you’ve fulfilled the steps above, you’re ready to add a “ShareThis” block in any desired area in your concrete5 website.

Tip: Also enter the user names of your social media accounts in the “User Names” tab (for those you are going to use). Some services may not display if no account name/ID has been entered.