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Review posted by KaiTrallafitti on at

Well done

I like it very much, its the money definetely worth. Good work!
Review posted by belpheme on at

Perfect and quick solution

Very easy to implement and amazing flexible.
Saves a lot of work.
Thank you!
Review posted by SheldonB on at

Like it wish it had extras

The forums add-on has a pretty amazing base, very rarely do you see forums with the ability to be integrated into almost every page without annoying coding/hacking.

So kudos and wow

However as a one-stop shop add-on to build a community in these forums, I don't seem them being so easy to manage. Which is kind of funny because the actual forums on the concrete site look amazing. While I know the description doesn’t mention any of the extra features that the concrete site has. What the concrete team has developed for its own site would only help encourage more developers towards concrete 5. I have a few friends that wouldn't touch concrete 5 simply because of the forums lack in function when compared to other cms. Even though concrete 5 as a whole is allot easier to work with.

I hope this isn't taken as a negative review, what the add-on has works perfect. I just wish it could be more if not amazing
Response by OKDnet on at
If you haven't already, you should see

for what's planned. Specifically about the forums, see

Looks exciting!
Review posted by scynex on at


It's everything I wanted in a forum. Only thing I would suggest is possibly having the badges self-reward themselves instead of manually doing it yourself. Other than that great forum! 5/5
Review posted by Wasabiface on at

Very flexible, easy to use and but missing a couple of features

This is a pretty good product, depending on what you want to use your forums for.

This is great for a low maintenance, easy to setup, flexible structure forum system and is great for personal sites or sites where the forum will not be the main draw card to the site.

It's lacking in the features - notably the ability to add in youtube videos which is a basic feature in most forums but missing in this one. It also lacks in what you can use via the posting form (editing options) which can impact your users as they may want all the features a normal forum uses.

That being said - it's a great simplistic but flexible forum, with simple done really well. Another awesome feature was the user badges which are customisable and allows you to reward uses with badges of your choosing.

Much easier to use / setup / maintain than any other forum software i have used, and i would recommend this to any client that wanted a simple forum solution.

This is how i have implemented the forums on my site -

I paid the $55 and i think the money is well spent due to the easy implementation and flexibility of the product.

Hope this review helps.

Review posted by avpservicesnet on at

Exactly What I Needed

Well worth the money and it is easily customized to fit in with my site's theme.
Review posted by Hoopergraphics on at

Quite good

This package is quite good and works as you would expect. Certainly the only "Noticeboard" or "Forum" that was available at the time that it was needed for my website, and it does the job.

However there appears to be only two top level categories of "Announcements" and "General Chat", but after that you can add your own categories.

It was reasonably easy to edit the layout using CSS.
Response by PortlandLabs on at
Thanks, those "Announcements" and "General Chat" categories are just sample categories. If you need help changing those, just submit a support ticket and we'll point you in the right direction
Review posted by nothingserious on at

Great if you like hacking things up

I purchased this addon--protested the price actually--and while it's an integrated forum that's the only thing going for it.

No "move" capability. You can't move off topic conversations to a correct forum. The editor is useless. Spell check is useless. "Quoting" doesn't work in Chrome or IE. Not sure why the button is even there. The editor disappears in edit mode (not that it helps to begin with). Prepare to create FAQ's for end users as to how to do basic stuff that they're not used to having to do (i.e., BB codes).

I don't understand why they just couldn't reference the concrete5 editor, which is quite advanced. Lot's of glitches that will be "looked in to in future versions". This version should be free--really.

For $55 I expected a refined product. Free, $5, or maybe even $10 *might* be reasonable. $55 is a steal--on the part of the seller. Buy only if it's your last choice for a forum (it was mine).

Sorry about the review but my time, after having paid for a product, spent researching & fixing basic stuff, is worth something too.
Review posted by wormracer08 on at

Perfect building block

Very nice addition, has most if not all the major features you'd expect a forum modual to have. Saved me a ton of work.
Review posted by Brainakazariua on at

Great forum

Thanks to this addon I can build a forum on my site which is great, users can now post their suggestions and everything in a member only forum for me instead of me having to work with crappy solutions
Review posted by 12345j on at

Great forum

great forum, easy to set up and administer. Looks great too.
Review posted by MrVining on at

Site Integration!

The beauty of this forum option is that it integrates seamlessly into your C5 site.

The biggest drawback… it doesn't have any indicators as to the number of unread threads in a section.
Review posted by synlag on at

Great addon

thx for the work that has gone into this and the translations.
this addon is perfect to learn how package building is done, as there is so many stuff in.
Review posted by furehead on at

Translation works now :-)

The newest version 1.5.3 makes translations usable.
Attached is my translation file for the discussion package 1.5.3 in german language.
Review posted by furehead on at

Attention, not translatable

This module is only translatable in the backend. The whole frontend part (which is the important part) is not translatable with .mo/.po files at the moment.

Therefore no points from non-english (i.e. German) users.
Review posted by ThemeGuru on at

Sweet Addon!

Thanks to this addon I can build a forum on my site!

I do however wish that you can make it so the view is either flat or standard within the dashboard and not allow the user to change.

I am still slowly getting the hang of the different users and such!

Well worth the $50!

Thanks C5,

Review posted by jereme on at

Fantastic add-on!

The Discussion package was a breeze to install and configure. Within minutes I had fully functional forums.

This add-on provides true forums integration into your site without all the overhead.

If your forums needs are ultra complex, this may not be for you, but for most sites this add-on is spot-on.
Review posted by cnrx on at

Pretty cool but also a bit buggy...

This is a very useful package. However, it seems like a semi-butchered version of the module used in
I am sure it'll get better in the near future!

Thanks concrete5!
Review posted by hereNT on at

Awesome! Thank you thank you thank you!

This came just in time - I deployed an upgrade to my phpbb forum today, and just hours after the launch, forums!

It installed quickly and easily, and everything seems to be up and running.

I'm looking forward to converting over the 3300 members I have on the phpbb forum to the Concrete5 system in the next few weeks, this add-on coming out right now will save a ton of time trying to create a skin to match the Concrete5 one I'd made.

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