NOTE - This add-on handles donations in $USD by credit card from within the United States. Other currencies and locations are not supported.

 1. Installation

        Once you have installed the Donate Ease, navigate to the dashboard to begin module configuration.

        You can also navigate by using the links in the side bar.

2. Add Settings

        Click "Settings" to input your Login Id and Transaction Key.

        For the " Login ID and Transaction Key", you will first need to register your account with the

        After registering in the, you can get your Login ID and Transaction Key.

        Fill out the required fields (indicated by an asterisk*).

        Click "Submit" to save your settings.

        Click "Cancel" to return to dashboard.

3. Add Configurations

        Click "Configurations" to add/edit Fundraisers.

        To add a new fundraiser, enter the name in the fund name field and press "Add" to save.

        To edit an existing fund name:

        Click “edit”

        Update the fund name or status.

        Click "update" to save changes.

        Click on "cancel" to discard any changes.

        To Delete an existing fundraiser:

        Click “delete”.

        NOTE: "Delete" button only appears when no transactions are associated with that fund.

4. Transaction Listing (for One-Time Donation transactions)

        Transactions made under the "One-time Donation" will list here.

        Fill the optional fields and Click "Search" to find your one-time donation transactions.

        Click "Export" for exporting "One-time donation" type transactions.

5. Automatic Recurring Billings Listing

        "Simple Recurring" and "Advanced Recurring" transactions will list here.

        Fill the optional fields and Click "Search" to find your "Simple Recurring" and "Advanced Recurring" transactions.

        Click "Export" for exporting "Simple Recurring" and "Advanced Recurring" type transaction.

6. Editing a Recurring Billing Detail

        Click edit on listing page to load detail page.

        Update relevant content on the page.

        Click "Update" to save changes.

        Click "Back" to return to listing.

        Click "Cancel Recurrence Billing" for cancelling the subscription of your recurring billing.

7. Adding the Donation Block to a page

  • Click on any available block area.

  • Click "Add Block" from context menu.

  • Select the Donate Ease block from the optio ns [or simply drag & drop it on where you wish to place it].

  • Click "Add"

8. Configuring the Donate Block

        You can configure the following items for each instance of the Donate Ease block:

           Payment Options

           Donation Amounts (including the option to enable “other” amount)

           Which Funds to display

        For the "Payment options", choose one of the three options:

        One-time Donation – Non-recurring, single donation

        Simple Recurring – Displays a checkbox for the user to authorize a monthly recurring donation.

        Advanced Recurring - Displays three fields to the user for selecting recurring payment options - Start date, Number of occurrences and Interval.

        “Donation Amounts” – Each amount you enter here will display as a button to the user, for easy selection.

        “Enable Other Amount” will display a text field to the user to input a different amount than what is shown on the buttons.

        Use this tab to control which fund(s) you want to display to the user.

        If you want to display all ACTIVE funds, click on “Select All” button.

        If multiple/all funds are selected, a dropdown will appear to the user with those options.

        If you wish to display a single fund (in place of a dropdown), simple select a single checkbox.

        After configuring Payment Options, Amount and Fund, click on "Save.”

(Note: After full setup, you will need to make a test donation to confirm your credentials are correct.)