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Review posted by OKDnet on at

Works as advertised

This can be a real time saver if you have a lot of files. And it's free. What more can you ask?
Edit- In some situations it doesn't work properly in any more. As far as I can tell, it only works if the files are also available in C5 file manager.
Response by sascha on at
Not correct. Never had any problems on and don't use file manager for the files (just plain, simple ftp upload). Must be another problem or related to your specific config.
Review posted by mostrim on at

Great add-on

Would you believe I spent an hour trying to figure out the URL to the downloads folder because when I tried various URLs as links in the browser they all led to page not found errors. In the end I just said [email protected] it and used /downloads/ as the link and bingo worked first time. It's brilliant.
Guess I was somewhat premature in my praise of this add-on. It has worked intermittently for me and currently I have to say it's disappointing

Revised review. As the author says I figured out a configuration issue with this and it's now working well.
Response by sascha on at
Well, a misconfiguration is not really the block's fault, as I read on support page you resolved the problem yourself later (on May 23rd) by using the additional options for URL/path.
If you need to bash someone for wasting time, bash me for not giving contemporary support on your request - for which I'm sorry - and maybe lack of better documentation, but then .. it's free, it's marked 'for experts' and I rarely visit here. I wrote that block for myself, and made it available to public at no cost, thinking it might be useful for some other people too. So it's okay to *not* love it, but it might be fair to tell people who often rely on reviews before they install, that it *does* work after correct configuration - even for you. ;)
Review posted by ymne on at

Very useful!

Great add-on.
Thanks to his creator. A+
Review posted by ThemeGoodness on at

Love this addon

Glad to see it is in the marketplace. I've been using it since the forum post. Thanks for the information about the htaccess to get it to download.
Review posted by bryanlewis on at

Works Nicely

Was a easy install and works great! Thanks for the great free ad on.
Review posted by Fernandos on at

Great Block!

Exactly what I needed and just released when I needed it. Perfect timing Sascha ;)

*thumbs up*

I can look over some minor bugs, that could be fixed more or less easy. And it's improving version by version.

Review posted by Remo on at

Thanks for sharing

I'm glad there are still a few free addons showing up in the marketplace! thanks!
Review posted by ideasponge on at

Very nice

simple yet powerful. I know this has been a featured requested by a few people.

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