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ds - Event Calendar Pro 5.6

dsEventCalendar PRO is simple add on to create calendar with events and display it on page as block.


Calendar based on http://fullcalendar.io/
Features (from free):
* multiview in calendar (month, day, week)
* multiday events
* start and end time for one day event
* easy manage for events
* pretty modal with event details
* settings - you can set language ; date format
* types - you can define type of event with color (it will display in calendar)

PRO features:

* RECURRING EVENTS ! (also exclude dates from recurring)
* support Google Calendar (read instruction)
* list view for incoming events
* easy way to copy and remove many events
* color type of event in modal (future)
* description of event is HTML (you can colorize text, add images and more)

Screen are from Concrete5 5.7 but 5.6 has similar layout.

Demo here:


Demo is based on Concrete 5.7 .


dsEventCalendar - First Steps

dsEventCalendar- Calendar and List View

dsEventCalendar - Add Event and List Events




My addon make problem with Automatic Email Obfuscator .
It change email and Google Calendar doesn't work.
Also if you use in description it may crash.

How to use

First, go to dashboard and add calendar in "Add / edit calendar" . After that you can create new event in "Add / edit event" connected with new added calendar (choose from select).

If you did this, go to page and add new block called "Event Calendar" and select calendar.

More info:





Sales have ended due to EOL

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