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I have created multiple events and have made them "One day with time" events so that I can make them circular events. This works great. With multiple events, I am using the start time to sort the events in a certain order. In the block view of the calendar, I simply leave the time format as blank in the settings so that the time does not show up on the calendar and it maximizes the title of the event. The only problem is when you click on the event the time and date revert to the default format in the popup window which is very hard to read from my users. If possible, I would like an option to have four formatting fields. One field for what the calendar view will use for time and date. And another time and date field for what the popup uses for formatting both the time and date. This way it can be left off of the calendar but visible in the popup with the correct formatting. Or variety of options depending on how you want to configure it.

I've attached the screenshot to show how the calendar doesn't have the time but the popup window does.

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