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Hi.. only two things:

A) in block parameter the following fields (Sort by date .. and ... Hide after end) are dropdown but nothing is displayed (like it is white character on white background)

B) in dashboard, creating a new event, the event type dropdown shows the types of event created, but also a "default" type that is not referenced in any table and is then not referenced in block paramenter. What happens is that user can create event with event-type = default, and can never see it on calendar list. The best would be to delete the "default" event-type from dropdown.

best regards

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IceManSpy replied on at Permalink Reply

a) Could you make a screen to see it ? Maybe your template make white options in drop drown.

b) You're right. If you don't choose anything from event-type list, default should be displayed. But there is not possible to display fe. default and awesome-event-type . I will add to bug list.
admin replied on at Permalink Reply
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