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Review posted by robhall on at

Might work but support sucks

This add on might look OK but it works intermittently for me and the developer doesn't seem that bothered about supporting any issues. I wouldn't purchase again.
Review posted by mroberte on at

Limited on figuring out how to customize without support

I bought this add-on with the intentions of hopefully making my own custom image buttons however getting any type of response from the creator is very low. I get people are busy, but if you have a product out there, you should take the time to support your paying customer! Not sure if I can use this on my site now since I can't figure it out.
Review posted by bryanlewis on at

Add-on Works Well, Support Response Time Lacks

The add-on works well and does what the description says. Its easy to use and I do appreciate that. I'm giving it 3 stars because the support response time lacks. I've put in questions on the "question and discussion" page as well as sent direct PM's to the author of the add-on and have yet to get a response since July 12ish... I would love to buy more add-ons from this author but its not going to be happening without some sort of support or at bare minimum a response.
Review posted by rainmaker on at

Great addon that is quick and easy

Great addon that is easy to plug in! Just a bit tricky to get it to work properly in IE. Other than that, totally recommended!!
Review posted by Ekko on at

Very nice

Great way to cram a lot of content on one page, and makes it wasily accesible as well as great looking. Another easy as pie add-on to use, and a great addition to any site.
Review posted by BHWW on at

Does what it says, somewhat tricky to stylise

Finding the CSS and altering the visual appearance of this block could benefit from a vanilla styling, but its a great time saver and does what it says.

Response by sebastienj on at
Now, all style is linked with jQuery UI theme. Easy to change !
Review posted by globalnerds on at

Works well

It is easy to work with and add to your site.
Review posted by fearofbuttons on at


Great plug-in, works well, easy to set up and customize.

Good support Thank you :)
Review posted by tallacman on at

It's Musical Magic

Easy Accordion (I keep spelling this wrong. I never could play worth beans, anyway) is a really cool block that works wonderful magic with content. This block installs into a layout that you have already created. I don't use the layout feature a whole lot but this will change the way I build site content from now on.
I have an install at: where you can see it in action.
Style-wise we have some wonderful CSS3 from sebastienj that will turn your head. The selectors are simplicity itself. They are:





.ccm-easyAccordion-content img

So styling will be very easy. Worth the asking price.

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