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I found there is a problem with the isotope/masonry plugin in general. In Safari the layout won't be rendered correctly on page load. Once you resize the window until the container has to be redrawn, the items are ordered correctly.

I have attached a screenshot which shows the problem on your preview site.

I had to set a timeout of about 1s before the "layout" function is triggered:

               $isotope = $container.isotope({ masonry: masonryOptions,
                             itemSelector: '.masonry-item'
              $isotope.isotope('on', 'layoutComplete', function (items) {
                  loadVisible($imgs, 'lazylazy');
              $win.on('scroll', function () {
                  loadVisible($imgs, 'lazylazy');
                  effect: "fadeIn",
                  failure_limit: Math.max($imgs.length - 1, 0),

That way it works but of course this is kind a hack and maybe you find a better way to fix it.


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chartan replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, this didn't fix the problem for Mobile Safari, but this one does:

1. in masonry.php add the following when setting the layout:


and the main problem sits in the view.css file on the following line:

.easy-gallery-masonry {

I removed this line and it seems to work now. Can you test this and add it to the package?

sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks a lot !
Did you have a url where i will see the gallery with the fix ?
chartan replied on at Permalink Reply
I just sent you the link by a private message, as the project isn't yet ready for the public.

sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply

YOu're right the main issue come from :

.easy-gallery-masonry {

But without this, when we use filtering, the container height change is abrupt. I will need to investigate.
admin replied on at Permalink Reply
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