Problem with masonry when going from toggling display mode.

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I'm currently working here:

I added 2 easy image galleries. When you click on the image for 'in mould labels' the slide with the product info becomes visible.

However the image gallery seems buggy when i put it in the slide that toggles visibility. I added a second gallery beneath that slide and that seems to work fine.

Is it possible to make the gallery work within the slide that goes from 'display:none' to 'display: block'?



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DustyStrings replied on at Permalink Reply
I think I have the same question. I am trying to put multiple galleries on a page, each in a different tab. The one that is visible on page load is fine, but when a previously-hidden tab becomes visible, the gallery overflows the container.

Someone suggested this solution:

But I am not sure how to implement that in Easy Image Gallery.
grafoman replied on at Permalink Reply
Seems like you have the same problem. Let's hope the developer can give us an easy fix.

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