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Hi there,

Nice block... Enjoying it's ease of use. I am trying to find instructions on exactly what attribute handles need creating for tags and columns. I was hoping you could respond with some very basic details of the attributes and might be good to add those instructions to the blocks sale page.

Apologies if you have noted them somewhere, I just can't find them.


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sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment

I will create doc on this. Before here a screenshot of the attribute that you need to create.
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krjharrison replied on at Permalink Reply
I am looking to setup 'Tags FIltering' on the gallery - from looking at the images available on the discussion forums it directs to create two 'Select' attributes. There is no longer a 'Select' attribute, creating an attribute using 'Options List' does not appear to work. Did you manage to get any updated instructions?

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