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Review posted by csebe on at

Super useful

Works super ok, thank you in 2015!
Review posted by buntho on at


I did have to fiddle around a bit to get it working, but after that it's a breeze to use.

Review posted by tifoster on at

No issues here.

I'm very new here, but I did not have any of the issues I see in other reviews. Easy News is exactly what I needed and has worked perfectly in my testing. I will let you know how it fares in 'the real world'.
Review posted by wehdesign on at

Easy and Powerful

we like this add on and our clients like it, which is much more important!
Review posted by bojanm on at

Nice add-on

I use it all time. It is nice add on. To bad it don't have ability to put thumbnail in news list.

Thank you
Review posted by davidofadelaide on at

Price is right

A solid addon. Simple to use and easy to implement. I eventually went for pro news based on the initial styling. But it was a good piece of kit.
Review posted by clintre on at

Does a good job for simple news features

Very impressed for a free plugin. Made a few clients very happy that they could have a solid feature like this on their budget!
Review posted by cursal on at

Great Addon!

This was very easy to figure out and use. The video helps.
After a few minutes this was live and working.
Love that it creates a whole page for each news "update".

Was Simple to add custom CSS style too.

...and FREE!

Thank you
Review posted by tonyswaby on at

You need to stick to standard area names

So that's the problem? I build my own templates and I don't use the standard area names. This thing needs an area named "main"

Is that in the documentation?

Just got it working.
Looks great!

Make sure you update the docs to tell people about this.
Review posted by tonyswaby on at

Nope, can't get it work. sorry

On one install I removed it and then tried to reinstall and it wouldn't work, couldn't find pages.

On another site, it installed OK and it created pages, but they were blank.
Response by hanicker on at
Problem due to blank news is solved here and is due to bad theme coding.
No idea about first problem.
Review posted by SpencerC on at

Works Great!

I thought I should add a review to help counter the poor reviews. For one this is free, which is why my rating is five stars, not four. If you set it up like his video suggests it works. Make sure to set the section properly to NEWS section so that every page added below it will be in the proper area. I also make a new page type for Easy News. I use this on an intranet that has 400+ pages (4000 page views a day), and so far about 30 Easy News articles, and it works very well. One thing I do for my articles is to add a bold title (the same one as in the Title field) above each main content section so that when someone clicks on the story and it goes to the page, there is a title. I also added a comment area below each story, with a little help from the developer.

It has its quirks, but with a little adjustment you can make this free add-on work very well. If it doesn't work for you pay $25 or more for a (probably) slightly more refined option.
Review posted by TorstenKelsch on at

Some things are unclear to me

Okay, it works all right. But I can’t see a real use for my needs. It sure is a nice tool if you want to show a page which gives the visitor an overview of the contents of some or all of your other pages.

You can also create a page type, call it “news” per example and write new entries for this page type with “easy news”. This way you can build a news page.

But there’s one thing that makes it unusable for me: You can type in a title, a short text and a full text with wysiwyg, but the news page will only show the title and the short text. If you click on the title, a new page (!) opens, containing the full text.

I ask: Why doesn’t the long text appear under the short text on the same page? It is not so nice if you have, say twenty new pages for twenty news articles. And I could not find a way to fix this.

So, this add-on is sort of likeable, but at least it is not quite the tool that I was looking for. I need something to show news and events for a certain period, and it would be perfect if there were a timer for them so that an article disappears after the event is over.

By the way, “simple news” was also disappointing to me.
Review posted by aleceast on at

Some documentation would be nice

Sadly I can't get it to work, although I'm sure it's something very simple like creating the right page type or something. The "help video" link brings up a 404 and there's no documentation. Shame, as it could be useful.

I'd happily rate it higher...if I could make it work.
Response by hanicker on at
You can click on the screencast button for a working video.

Anyway I updated that link
Review posted by nickratering on at

Top Addon

Top Addon, I use it all the time! Modify / add a newslist template to your own needs and create clean overviews with pagination or use it as an agenda! (Tip: create a page attribute thumbnail and add it to the newslist. Example here:
Nice job! Thnx Hanicker!!!
Review posted by hanicker on at

Some info about it

In answers section you can find this link to a video on how to use it:

I am sorry you did not like it
Review posted by darwinje on at

Not so hot

I downloaded this as it answered the need that I had however it is confusing and seems to have not documentation on how to use it.

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