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Easy Tables

With the Easy Tables addon for Concrete5 you can create a table from any CSV file that you had uploaded to your site. You can edit your data in your favourite spreadsheet program and save it as CSV. It's as easy as it's name says:

  • Select a CSV file from Concrete5's File Manager
  • Choose which options you want to apply to your table:
    • Allow sorting
    • Allow searching
    • Show table info (like 'Showing 1 to 10 of 150 entries')
    • Show/hide table footer
    • Pagination and page size
    • Allow changing pagination size (numbered or Prev/Next navigation)
  • Choose an style and a color to match your own site look and feel

There is no fourth step: you are done!

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Example table

That's all you need to get started, if you want further control over it, additional configuration settings include changing language, show/hide table footer, add a download link that ponits to the CSV file, add a title and choose how to display it - as a header (h1 to h6), display as HTML table caption, strong text, emphasized text or as a simple paragraph - and select delimiter and enclosing character used in the CSV file, for greater flexibility.

Other features are:

  • Group the rows using the value of the first column
  • Column visibility selector
  • Per column search
  • Autodetection of emails. When a cell contains an email address it is automatically converted to a link.
  • Autodetection of images. When a cell contains an URL to an image, the image is automatically inserted in the table. Images can also be converted to clickable thumbnails.
  • Autodetection of Youtube videos. When a cell contains an URL to a Youtube video, a thumbnail of the video is shown, and your visitor only needs to click on it view the video on Youtube.
  • Wiki-like syntax. Now you can enhance the content of your table with bold, italics, inlined images and links! No need to use HTML, just a simple syntax like is commonly used in wikis.
  • Autodetection of yes/no/unknown state lists, which are represented pictorically.
  • Autodetection of progress data (e.g: 70% or 6/10) which are represented as a progress bar.
  • Internationalization. Supports many languages (more than 40!).

Each one of those features can be enabled and disabled individually.

For a list of the supported languages visit the demo page.

Note: What get translated are the text elements that are visibles in the final web page, the in-Concrete5 user interface is only provided in English.

The language can be set for every table individually or, for most languages, it can be configured to automatically match Concrete5's language setting.



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