Version History


1.6.8 - Add the history feature to simple skin.

1.6.7 - Fix Tabs into tabs issue (only with default skin)

1.6.6 - Fix bug when they are more than 9 layouts in the same page

1.6.5 - Fix compatibility with C5.5 (in edit mode)

1.6.4 - add image functionality in multi skin tabs

1.6.3 - fix issue ie7 with skin5 - add a function to navigate into multiskin tabs

1.6.2 - Add a hover class to span


1.6.1 - Fixed bug with multiple multi-skins on a page + Fixed bug on simple_fade - Fixed bug with get url on a new insert



I decide to expand opportunity and strongly intégration plugin by adding a very useful template:

This new template allows you to choose from 12 different skins, each broken down into 4 positions: left, right, top, bottom. In total 46 new way to display your content!

In addition, you can choose from 18 transition effects!

Easy tabs buy or upgrade, select 'multi skins' as custom template and change the appearance from the Edit Panel.

Always that simple, more efficient!


1.5.3 - Suppress the click action when the tab is already selected.

1.5.2 - Remove the jquery advertissement.

1.5.1 - Change the package Icon. Suppress the click action when the tab is already selected.

1.5 - Now you can place the block anywhere in the layout. The first row is the first tab! Navigation build only with javascript. block became transparent without JS

1.4 - Some design change on the css

1.3 - The block can be now insered into multiLayout - There is no need to clarify the position, the block has become intelligent

1.2 - Cleanning code

1.1 - pck handle changed to mylab_easy_tabs - change some css bugs - modify the $appVersionRequired - remove the MyProject.kpf file - Check if there are at least 2 rows when block saving.

1.0 - Initial Release