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Review posted by MVS on at

Very cool!

I like this Add-on, it looks very cool!
Review posted by WayneRichmond on at

Great Add On!

I tried a number of 'tab' add ons but found this one to be the best - easy to use (all of the information is there on the page) and it looks great.

Highly recommended!
Review posted by lackadaize on at

Great add-on

You can do a lot with this block. There are many different built-in styles and I'm impressed with how many types of content you can include in the tabs. Didn't end up using this on a site yet because the project no longer needed this functionality, but playing around with it a got a good feel for it. All and all I was very happy with my purchase.
Review posted by teamdb on at

Nice Product.

Review posted by imJack on at


Nicely done. Thanks!
Review posted by pigeelen on at

Very useful and beautiful add on

I am happy with this beautiful add on. Very easy in use and many options possible. Saved me a lot of time.
Review posted by tifoster on at

Beautiful content display

This add-on has allowed me to add lots of content without overwhelming the viewer. I was also able to modify it to perfectly blend into my site. Thanks!
Review posted by citytech2 on at

Cool add-on

Cooooooooool add-on. Very simple & Easy to use. I liked it so much.
Review posted by Ekko on at

Saved me a lot of time

I built a product selection system with this that looks great, works perfectly, and most importantly wowed the site owner. Using advanced sliders in easy tabs no issues, using content slider in easy tabs no issues, and makes for some very impressive displays. Thanks for making my job easy, easy tabs.
Review posted by cursal on at

Works great! No Worries.

Easy to use and quick to set up.
Useful for packing a lot of information in a small area.
Pretty easy to customize. Defaults a nice too.
Review posted by nando on at

Exceelent add on

Very good product. Easy to customise with many styles available by default. Very useful to create several layers of information on the same page. Highly recommended
Review posted by poddy123 on at

So very well written!

Up and running in about 5 mins (after reading the docs...skimming them). I found it to work really well and also really easy to customise the css for the multiskins.

Very slick & would recommend!!

p.s. ... I managed to get left tabs working out of the box...could be its been updated?
Review posted by shadowcomputers on at

It done exactly what it said on tin!

It was really easy to make a tabbed content area.

The only problem I had was whena client wanted the tabs on the left hand side, which took me about 30 mins to add some custom coding.
Maybe tabs on the left could be an option for a future update?

Many thanks for a great add-on.
Review posted by bestplanforme on at

Lateral Tabs Not Working

I apologize for posting on the wrong section but I cannot post a question in the "support" section. I have tried to follow the directions in the video, read the threads in the forums, etc, etc still cannot get Easy Tabs to work on Lateral Tabs mode no matter what I do...I really need help on this.

I'll attach any code, screen capture image, or anything a person would need to help me on this. Just let me know what is needed. Thank you!!!
Review posted by tallacman on at

Very Easy Tabs

This block works really great and degrades gracefully to standard layout if Javascript is not enabled. Very easy to configure and style. I made the video for Sébastien.

If you want tabbed content, this is the way to do it.


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