Version History

1.5.9 - Fixed success page for Paypal transactiosn.

- Removed HTML elemetns on Paypal item description.

1.5.8 - Fixed transaction details when saving for same items with different attributes.

1.5.7 - Added BN Code.

1.5.6 - Bug fix for Chrome and Safari wherein the height of the grid varies.

1.5.5 - Added more fix for the CSS override prevention.

1.5.4 - Improved support for css getting overridden by other themes.

1.5.3 - Fixed bug on custom attributes with price modifiers that have the same amount.

1.5.2 - Added improvement on the success page redirection.

1.5.1 - Improved Shipping dashboard components and notes.

1.5 - Modified gateway files path and codes to comply with PRB rules.

  - Bug fix for custom shipping calculation. - Bug fix for sending email. - Added support for multiple emails for email checkouts. - Foolproofing for the Shipping Methods and added notes to the shipping instructions. - Updated notes in Shipping dashboard for Advanced Total Cart option for the variables options. - Modified helper name to avoid naming conflict. - Added support to specify the email sender for the notifications.s - Fixed getSearchableContent function.

1.4.20 - Added support for the eCommerce Express Manager tool. - Added fix when installing the user attribute which is not recognised in 5.4+

  - Bug fix for check out for users who are not logged. - Added support to record currency symbol in transaction history.

  - Added support to record currency in transaction history.

  - Added support to breakdown the attributes to make it readable for the transaction report.

  - Added support eCommerce Express Report add-on integration.

  - Added fix on add to cart diaglog wherein the weight of the item is flashed even though it is 0.

  - Removed weight in the cart summary if it is 0. - Fixed bug on IE wherein users cannot add items. - Fixed shipping instructions for "Subtotal Tier" option.

1.4.18 - Improved support for duplicate images.

1.4.17 - Added support for single quotes on currency format.

1.4.16 - Fixed CSS inclusion method for 5.5+.

1.4.15 - Fixed tax inclusion setting in Paypal checkout.

1.4.14 - Added dashboard icons.

        - Fixed Cache flushing which renders the page unformatted.

1.4.13 - Improved support for individual product prices format.

1.4.12 - Added support for prices of individual items that has commas.

1.4.11 - Bug fix for prices that have commas or reaches 4 digits which causes jQuery to halt.

1.4.10 - Added fix for shipping validation.

  - Added fix for Enable Checkout form setting not being saved properly.

1.4.9 - Added support for Credit Cart checkout.

1.4.8 - Added support for <img> tags when using rich text editor.

1.4.7 - New features! Page read permission is now a sellable item. Perfect for a membership site with page permissions in mind.

      - Mail is now templetized.

      - Added tracking for Gateway transaction id.

      - Added method type on the transaction table.

      - Removed caption for empty title/description.

      - Improved image fitting style option.

      - And many more script improvements for speed, logging, etc.

      - Bug fix for overlapping images.

1.4.4 - Added remove button on custom attribute.

1.4.3 - Added image fitting style option.

1.4.2 - Added support for WYSIWYG editor for product description

      - Added support for normalising product item height when multiple options are visible in grid layout mode.

1.4.1 - Added jQuery UI for design consistency.

1.4.0 - Added support for multiple attributes.

- Added support for price modifiers on custom attributes.

- Fixed bug on Cart Summary block existing on Concrete

1.3.16 - Fixed IPN url which occurs on C5 installation within a sub-directory.

1.3.15 - Fix dashboard settings wherein default values automatically fills empty fields.

1.3.14 - Fix for Page Selector bug on Concrete 

1.3.13 - Fix for image cropping being cached.

1.3.12 - Fix for lightbox cropping.

1.3.11 - Added Product Summary block.

       - Added support for Shipping, Country, and State validation.

       - Optimised script loading and size.

       - Improved internazionalisation. - Added support for larger amount upto 8 digits (i.e. $10,000,000.00) - Improved invoice numbering

1.3.10 - Added checkout label customisation option. - Fixed duplicate entry country on "Country" drop-down list (only occurs when "display all countries" is disabled.)

- Fixed script error when switching to countries without states

1.3.9 - Fixed success page redirection for "Email Checkout" option. - Minor fix on Generating SKU for item IDs.

1.3.8 - Excluded "Download Info" single page in navigation.

1.3.7 - Improved email checkout security and control.

1.3.6 - Fixed bug on country-region tax dropdown duplicates.

      - Digital Download now works with other Payment Gateways.

      - Limitation: The return URL after checkout on Payment Gateway interfaces should be clicked by

     the customers in order to get the Download Link. 

     This is a requisite for all gateways except for Paypal checkout.

1.3.5 - Added region tax support.

1.3.4 - Added support for Digital Download and Instant Payment Notification currently works for PayPal only.

1.3.3 - Updated gateway file structure.

1.3.2 - Fixed bug on image resizing.

1.3.1 - Fixed bug on Caption overlay on IE.

1.2 - Added support for list style layout, added Paypal IPN logging, improved compatibility with Greek Yogurt theme

1.1 - Added "manual" email-only payment gateway (by popular demand)

1.0.2 - Fixed product formatting bugs

1.0.1 - Improved caching of back-end settings

1.0 - Initial Release