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Not for Me

I sell one of a kind items so a count down limit is very important. without this option I run the risk of multi-selling a single item. It Sounded perfect from the market place description. I read all the reviews before purchasing and also tried it out privately on my site before realizing that it will not count down. I even bought the front end manager thinking that was what I needed. The part that does mention this major limitation is buried on the documentation page so you really have to look for it. I'm disappointed and hope that its possible for an upgrade that could include this option....if so, it would be a really great add-on!
Review posted by MagsAtWcg on at

eCommerce Express Support

Purchased this product and got a serious install problem that was nothing to do with the actual software, it was a database issue. JB sorted everything for me... sorted out the database, reinstalled the software, and did it all in a timely manner. This goes way past an author selling a product. This is by far the best support I have ever known. To sort out an issue that's nothing to do with the product you provided?

JB, you da man!!!

Thank you very much
Review posted by anete on at


This add-on was just what I needed for a quick and simple product setup. I did need to contact JZ regarding an issue, but it was sorted promptly, just a misunderstanding on my behalf.
Review posted by brunel0990 on at

Vraiment bien

Un très bon add-on marche bien Dommage que les informations que l’on ajoute dans le formulaire ne soit pas présente dans les emails . sinon très utile
Review posted by dariux on at

I have bought

Good Add-On recommend it to anyone who needs them
Review posted by WebOnTheWebb on at

Excellent add-on... well recommended

Very good alternative to the full-on core eCommerce... very simple to use, easy to configure and it's perfect for the smaller shop which doesn't need all the bells and whistles of a giant eCommerce solution. Pretty straightforward to customise too... once you get the hang of the file structure.

Had a few teething issues with the display on some browsers, but JZ's support was superb and all issues have now been fixed in the latest version 1.5.6.

Review posted by alancurrall on at

Simply Fantastic

Simple to set-up e-commerce shop, clear, neat enough detail to do exactly what you want a e-commerce application to offer and do. No hidden surprises. Support is the best despite being on the other side of the world to me. Post a question before I go bed & the answer is there when I get up, just great, thank you. I even had them develop a tweak to the add-on for a specific customers requirements, yes it cost but it was more then worth it.

Thanks again + not enough stars to rate this and the support properly,
Review posted by tiofred on at

Excelent Addons

Thanks for your addon who is simple.
Review posted by py2k66 on at

All the bells and whistles and support to go with it.

The add on will do some seriously complex stuff, I just needed to do one item straight out to Paypal which it does "out of the box". I did run into one problem of my own making and was very impressed when the developer traced it back giving me a resolution to a problem made by me. The add on is great, but the developer offered fast support way beyond the call of duty in my case. That gives the developer 5* for the add on and 5* for support.

Response by jb1 on at
Hi Paul

Thanks for the great review. We really appreciate it.

Review posted by Vanfenix on at

Now this is what I call an addon!

I was debating between a couple of ways to sell products on my site. I was having trouble trying to get things to work, and I came across this ecommerce express plugin. I am hesitant on buying some addons as you never know if they'll work properly, or if the support will be there.

After getting my license and installing the ecommerce express plugin, I realize that this is probably one of the BEST addons I've seen come through here in awhile. jb1(the creator) does an Awesome job with all his addons, and I've gotten other licenses from him. The support is great, and even if I'm too much of a new user to figure things out, he's happy to take the time and walk me through things step by step.

The addon itself installed without any problem. The coupon code section is fantasic. It does everything I needed. It works well and was very easy to setup and get on my site. I recommend this plugin to anyone that wants to sell products or services. A+++

Thank you sooo much !!!!! I'm really happy!!
Review posted by brianmi5 on at

Review is a good thing!

I found the program to be easy to use with a little effort and some reading of the instructions. I have very limited computer skills and 0 web building skills yet I was able to get it up and running the same day. I did have one question before the purchase and I was given an answer the same day wich is a deal breaker for me. I give my customers good customer service and I expect it from others I do buisness with. A+ Thanks a bunch!
Review posted by Jazzypops on at

Awesome Add-on

A great add-on, very easy to set up and surprisingly feature packed, I did not expect to be able to do as much as I can with this add-on.

If you know a bit about CSS you will also find it very easy to customize the looks of the add-on.

Highly recommended
Review posted by alan1975 on at

Great Application - Excellent Support

This Add-on does everything promised in the description and is very easy to install and use.

I did make an elementary error during setup which resulted in me contacting support. The response and resolution was excellent & very quick - the problem was actually an error made by me during setup.

All in all a very good add on which 'does what it says on the tin'.
Review posted by alancurrall on at

Previous Version

Absolutely and simply fantastic add-on.
Not enough stars to rate it properly.

I bought it for a clients website and I needed to have quite a number of things changed and or updated. I asked the question and I got just what I wanted straight back.

It was simple to edit, load etc.

Support is up there with the best.

I think a number of the requests I made for the previous version have been incorporated into the new one, can't wait to get to use it.

Review posted by jhlauc on at

Excellent support!

I bought an addon and was frustrated because I couldn't get it to work. Email and post for support, and got quick responses and the problem (I didn't know what I was was solved immediately. The support faculty were knowledgeable and most passionate at addressing an internet dummie like me. Thanks again.
Review posted by inkhorn on at

Perfect Add On for Small Business

OMG! This product is fabulous!! Just playing around with the features until I'm ready to upload has me kicking my heels in joy!

It's perfect for small businesses who want something simple yet effective that doesn't cost too much! Sorry McDonalds but in this particular case... I'M LOVIN' IT!!
Review posted by thephilm on at

Simple, effective and just what I needed

I needed to replace a one item Zen Cart. The site had been compromised as it hadn't been updated since 2008.
I needed a solution quickly and inexpensively that would allow me to get a nice looking cart online with as little hassle as possible.
I'd been emailing a couple times with the eCommerce Express guys about a different client, and was really happy with same day responses. I went ahead and gave it a try.

Less than 20 minutes to get up and running from install to completion.

Out of the box, I only changed two css tags, otherwise it looks great.

One watch of their video, and I felt confident in what I was doing.

Popup (lightbox) image built in.

Just enough customization to meet the needs I had.


Would have liked to be able to integrate the USPS (or similar) shipping calculator out of the box. But in my case, that's an advanced feature and I didn't expect/need it.

Would have liked a little more control over the description of the products (out of the box formatting is great for a few lines, mine had 2 paragraphs)

I've used the Core Commerce Add-on, which is definitely a different approach than eCommerce Express. I'm very happy with my choice, and highly recommend it.

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