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eCommerce - Special Instructions


This package will allow you to specify individual instructions per product which will be sent to the customer as a followup when he or she orders the product. In addition, you can also set some placeholder fields within your instructions that will be replaced with the product's attributes.


This package leverages the powerful, but straightforward Mustache templating engine. The package includes basic conditional templates as well. For example:


<h4>Congratulations on your new {{PRODUCT_NAME}}.</h4>
<p>We guarantee this duck's cuteness ({{cute}} out of 100). And he only cost you {{PRODUCT_PRICE}}!</p>
<p>And just to inform you he {{#is_duck}}has{{/is_duck}}{{^is_duck}}has not{{/is_duck}} been certified as a duck.</p>
<p>This duck has the following genders:</p>
<p>His aroma has also been described as {{smells}}.</p>


Congratulations on your new Marvin Mandarin.

We guarnantee this duck's cuteness (60 out of 100). And he only cost you $13.00!

And just to inform you he has been certified as a duck.

This duck has the following genders:

  • Male

His aroma has also been described as Good.

Configuration Page

The add-on configuration page will be shown to you on installation, but you can always access it again via Dashboard > eCommerce > Settings > Special Instructions Emails

Custom Attributes

You may also include any custom attribute's value for a product by entering its attribute handle in brackets. For example: {{manufacturer}}, {{color}}, etc.

Magic Data Support

Also included is the capability to integrate with the powerful Magic Data family of add-ons.

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