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I must admit I don't completely understand the link between C5 and Snipcart and how this addon works. I am looking for an ecommerce solution for selling wine on a website, one which allows me to use Stripe - to utilise your addon would i need to have a Stripe account?

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply

sorry, I've only just noticed this question - I don't ever recall getting the notification email for it!

What you do is:
- register a Snipcart account
- within Snipcart, hook up a Stripe account (either an existing account or a new one). There are other payment gateways available as well, Stripe is just one that works well and has good rates I believe.
- install the Snipcart add-on into concrete5 and enter in the API key to connect it
- There is a test mode and a live mode, so you'd start off in test mode and get everything working, then swap it over in both Snipcart and concrete5. It's free to test out, you only get charged the monthly minimum from Snipcart when you go live.

The from there you add Snipcart Product blocks to define the products you want to sell.
The Snipcart administration is really just used for configuring things like shipping and for reviewing orders, you don't create products within it.

As products are block based, you can add them anywhere you like on the site as well as turn off details on the blocks leaving, say, just the button. That means you can use concrete5's own blocks and layouts to create your product pages however you like, just using the Snipcart Product block to add in the button (a bit like a Paypal button).
We've done that here on this homepage:https://www.truewindsailingcalculator.com/...

This block approach works well for smaller shops, so if I've only got no more than say a dozen different wines, it would be easy to manage. You might just create a page for each wine and use normal Page Lists to list them, and then you'd place a Snipcart Product block on each page to actually allow someone to add them to the cart. The product details, price, etc, are all managed at the block level - there's (intensionally) no 'backend' within concrete5 to view and manage all your products.

If you think you'll have many dozens of wines to sell I'd suggest that you might need to consider the limitations. The big appeal of Snipcart is that you can have a fully working shop set up within an hour and because the checkout screens are handled by Snipcart there's not a big step of having to style up a shop.

Did you catch the video I created that covers setting it up?

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