How to Uninstall/Reinstall (old)

** Note: this is only valid for versions of concrete5 before 5.4 and ecommerce before 1.7.  If you're using a version greater than this, just click the uninstall button in the dashboard > Add functionality.  

We get a lot of questions about how to uninstall/reinstall eCommerce. People do this more than we anticipated, and the problem is that concrete5, by default, leaves behind too much information to allow eCommerce to seamlessly uninstall and reinstall, without errors. So here's a step by step guide detailing how to uninstall eCommerce so that all of its integral pieces are gone, allowing for a seamless and bug-free way to reinstall.

If you notice anything that needs amending in this guide, please post a comment below.

concrete5 5.4 and eCommerce 1.7?

Don't worry about these instructions. Uninstalling eCommerce and reinstalling should take place without any problems.

Uninstall Instructions for eCommerce

1. Uninstall the package through the dashboard by clicking the uninstall button on the Add Functionality Page.

2. Go into Dashboard > Sitemap and delete "Catalog" and "Love of Duck" (this is the sample content that's created when you install eCommerce. It must be removed manually.

3. Go into Dashboard > Pages & Themes > Page Types, and remove the "Product Detail" page type.

4. Go into Dashboard > Users > Attributes and remove all attributes under the "Shipping" and "Billing" sections. (First Name, etc..)

5. Go into your database, and remove any table that begins with CoreCommerce. This can be most easily accomplished with a tool like phpMyAdmin, which should allow you to select multiple tables at once, and run the "drop" command (which will remove the table.)

6. Go into your database and run these commands:

delete from AttributeKeys where akCategoryID in (select akCategoryID from AttributeKeyCategories where akCategoryHandle like 'core_commerce%');

delete from AttributeKeyCategories where akCategoryHandle like 'core_commerce%';


delete from AttributeSetKeys where asID in (select asID from AttributeSets where asHandle in ('core_commerce_order_billing','core_commerce_order_shipping','user_billing','user_shipping','billing', 'subtotal', 'shipping'));

delete from AttributeSets where asHandle in ('core_commerce_order_billing','core_commerce_order_shipping','user_billing','user_shipping','billing', 'subtotal', 'shipping');


That should remove most of eCommerce, allowing you to install it again without incident.