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In the dashboard page (/dashboard/files/whale_elastic_slider/edit/...), I set the Style field (the one marked with "Styles should have selectors and injected into page. So be aware not to insert loose styles that may affect other elements of page").

The block controller, however, does not include the above style in the page.
Here's the (wrong) code in blocks/whale_elastic_slider/controller.php:
if(isset($this->slider->optionsObj->style) && strlen($this->slider->optionsObj->style)>0){
    $css.= sprintf('%s' ,$this->slider->containerID ,$this->slider->optionsObj->style );

As you can see, the value of $this->slider->optionsObj->style is not included in $css.
I fixed the problem by replacing the above code with this:
if(isset($this->slider->optionsObj->style) && strlen($this->slider->optionsObj->style)>0){
    $css.= $this->slider->optionsObj->style;

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shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanx for the hint, i just updated the add-on with number of other fixes.

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