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Enlil Page Tease

Transform your Page Lists with Content!


In the long lost days of v5.6 land, the Page List Teasers AddOn was always a personal go-to when creating page lists where I needed some content to appear.

After a little recent pondering & digging through the api, many cups of coffee and a few weeks worth of used up free time, I bring to you... Enlil Page Tease!



Package Includes

• Standalone "Enlil Page Tease" Block

• 1 "Page Tease" Page Type

• 3 "Page Tease" Page Templates

• 3 Page List Templates for Core Page List Block

• 3 Page List Templates for Page List+ (Page List+ available on GitHub)

• Dashboard Page allows Teasing to be disabled Globally, by Page Type, & by Page, for debugging and recursion correction purposes



Enlil Page Tease Block

Use anywhere to Tease any area from any page!


Simply place the block in a Page, Stack, Global Area, or Page Type Defaults.  Select the area you want to display and the page you want to pull that area from.  Set the display options and save the block.

The Enlil Page Tease Block appears exactly as each entry would in any one of the Page List Templates, including the options to display Title, Date & Description.  Use it to display one-off Tease links to pages or build custom tease page lists, one block at a time!



Page Types

  • Page Tease


This Page Type allows for the use of any of the three following Page Templates.  By default it uses Page Tease Full.



Page Templates

  • Page Tease Full
  • Page Tease Left
  • Page Tease Right


These three Page Templates are "Elemental Ready" and will work seamlessly with the core Elemental theme.  They are clones of the Full, Left Sidebar, & Right Sidebar Page Templates with the inclusion of 2 new areas called "Page Tease" and "Page Tease List".

Include content in these areas with a page in edit mode, like you do any other area on a page.  You wont see any output on the page when you publish though.  That content is now tucked away, only visible in edit mode otherwise, to be displayed through a Page List Template or the Enlil Page Tease Block.

Use the Page Tease area for content you want to tease here or there across your site.  Use the Page Tease List area to display your content differently when the same page displays through a page list template.  Multiple areas, multiple options.  The choice is yours!



Page List Templates

  • Page Tease
  • Page Tease List
  • Page Tease Main 


Each Page List Template displays it's implied page area.

"Page Tease Main" is included to Tease the "Main" area of any page.

NOTE:  The only Page List display settings these templates respond to are Page Name, Page Description, Page Publish Date, & No Results Message.


These Page List Templates are also included for Page List+ (Page List+ available on GitHub)

NOTE: v5.7 Page List+, which is no longer available from the marketplace, is NOT supported.  These templates were written specifically for the version available from GitHub.



Rules Of The Tease

Page Tease Blocks and Page List Templates will automatically filter out any Page Tease blocks displayed within a Teased Area.  This includes any Page Tease Blocks within a Core Stack Display in that Teased area.

This does not mean you cant use the Page Tease Block in a Stack.  You can, and then place that stack wherever you want that Tease to display, along with any other content you place in that stack.

The catch is, do not put that stack on the page the Tease Block is Teasing from.  Everything in the Stack will display, except for the Page Tease Block.

Page List templates contain Page Edit Mode notes to alert of the filtered blocks, while displaying nothing on the front end in their place.

The above image shows an entry from both a Core Page List and a Page List Plus template (same settings, side by side) demonsrating Page List Template Edit Mode filtering (In Core Elemental Theme).

Aside from these reasonable recursion halting measures, and the inherent limitations it places on it's use, use the tease block as appropriate to get results!



Currently there is an edge case where a recursion can happen.  For instance:

  • Place a page list block in the main area of a page
  • Set the block to display all pages and apply the page_tease_main template
  • Copy the block to the clipboard and publish the page
  • Create another page and paste block from clipboard into the main area

Now, if you edit the block and save a new instance of it before you publish the second page, there will be no recursion.  If you fail to edit/save the block and simply publish, the page will be broken.  At this point you will need to either press the back button in your browser and try to access page versions from there, or visit the dashboard to remove the broken (most recent) version of the page.

Rule Of Thumb:  Stay away from use of the clipboard when designing your Tease(s)!!

Bug applies to any of the following blocks "Teasing" itself where the block was not edited & saved:

  • Enlil Page Tease

  • Page List (Core)

  • Page List+ (GitHub)


If you run into this or another instance of recursion there is an option to turn off teasing at /dashboard/blocks/enlil_page_tease/



Version History

  • - Submission to PRB for review
  • - Fix CSS issue
  • - New "Page Tease List" area and associated templates
  • - Deprecation fixes.  BlockTypeSet "Enlil Pages".
  • - Doctrine db.xml. cleanBlockTypeSets(). View Elements. Edit inputs use $form.
  • - $truncate & $class are element parameters.  Tease Element filtering blocks.
  • - Block id specific filtering.  Templates send $controller to tease element.
  • - Cleanup views. Removing empty divs where no content is displayed etc.
  • - Add dashboard Global Disable option to battle recursion case by case.
  • - Package::getByHandle() deprecation fix.  Properly get $app in controllers.
  • Marketplace Approval
  • - Fix broken pages when teasing an area from a page where the area does not exist.  Modifies views and tease element.
  • - Introduces options to Disable Teasing by Page Type & Page, in Dashboard Settings.  Dashboard Page visual enhancement.



Current Version:
Fully Translatable: Yes
Needs External Libraries: No
Compatible 8.5.2+
License: Standard
Support Response: Replies to tickets every few days.
Support Hosted: On
Needs extra server permissions: No
Needs Internet: No
Marketplace Tests:
Passed Automated Tests
Passed PRB Review