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Review posted by willbe on at

Five stars!

Great add-on. Simple and very useful. Thanks!
Review posted by boltn on at

does the job

great block! easy to use, does what it has to do.
Review posted by OKDnet on at

It's easy and useful, and supported!

You gotta love Remo. Not only is this free block useful and easy to use, but he keeps it up to date with new versions of Concrete5 (and the latest update did require a fix, which he promptly took care of!)
Review posted by bourbonn on at

Very handy block

I've used this block on a few sites now and I found it really handy to let visitors pick their own path in a branching multi-scenario tutorial without overwhelming them.
Review posted by tifoster on at

Love it!

So easy & very useful!
Review posted by sherri333 on at

Very useful Add-On!

I love this block! This add-on is so very helpful! It makes it so much easier for my client to make updates. I would recommend this to anyone.

I also agree that it is better as is: having single blocks makes it easier to add, to edit and to change the order of the items.

Thanks very much for this add-on!
Review posted by wagdi on at

Expand / Collapse

This add-on is just fantastic. I've used it on a few sites now. A brilliant way to display instructions or a 'Terms and Conditions' without taking up too much space. Nice and neat!

Thanks for another great FREE add-on!
Review posted by tgriffin on at

Easy to edit and customize

This block is great- making it easy to organize content - and it's easy to tweak. At first I thought it would be useful to be able to assign headings/elements in the edit view to the Title field, but then realized it was simple to create a new layout/template and edit the view.php to output these as h2 headings.

Thank you, Remo!
Review posted by AVL on at

Saves my pages!

I love, love this free block! I use it all over my site to clean up a ton of information. Thanks so much!

I would love even more (and would pay) if it had the ability to put multiple expand/collapse blocks as one block. ie: you just tell the block how many expand-subjects you want and what content goes under each one along with the ability to determine if the first one only is open, or all open, or all closed.

Thanks again!
Response by Remo on at
Thanks, glad you like it but I don't really see any benefit from having multiple blocks in one. I'd have to rebuild lots of functionality which concrete5 blocks offer for free - like moving blocks around (sorting), removing etc. It would also make the templates more complicated - for those who like to add their own style.

Adding a block is a matter of a second, why would you want to enter all the information in one block?
Review posted by bryanlewis on at


My boss loves this add-on, therefore I do too. :) Easy to customize and well coded. Anything Remo codes is well organized. I'd highly recommend this to anyone.
Review posted by Steevb on at


Great little add-on
Review posted by nikblais on at


Fantastic! Works great and customizing my own template was a breeze!
Review posted by mdds on at


You read my mind.
Review posted by Vivid on at

Great free add-on!

This works flawlessly, and I seriously use it in so many sites. It works and is easy to style. A couple additional templates/icons would be great. But I usually restyle it a little anyways to match the site.
Review posted by madelyn on at

I love!!

I love this addon. Is perfect for my actual project. I recommend to show more information without show too much content.

Me encanta este módulo, es perfecto para mi actual proyecto. Lo recomiendo si necesitas mostrar más detalles sin cargar mucho la página con demasiado contenido.

Thanks a lot :-)
Review posted by dgratton on at

Awesome Add-on!!

Just installed in and tested, works perfectly and looks fantastic!!

Thank you for making this add-on...
Review posted by JoshRendezvous on at


This is the perfect example of Keeping It Simple. Very useful block, nice job.
Review posted by 12345j on at


A free expand and collapse tool! works great!
Review posted by RizzzO on at


What a nifty little add-on - love it! Use it on most of my sites.
Review posted by petebp on at


Thank you very much for this great and free plugin!
Review posted by medhatmsm on at


free,nice,easy and it works!
Review posted by peakay on at

So Useful

Guys, download this and have it in your bag of tricks... it is so easy and useful. Totally C5!

Thanks Remo!
Review posted by cannonf700 on at


This block is fabulous, powerful and easy to use! Remo thanks for making C5 even better.
Review posted by cocovsalien on at

ideea and need help too

hello remo your block is really good.i looked in the code and is very short but strong. that mean a good coding. now if you tink you might help... well i am tring to mix your exapandable content with autonav. i mean i try to make a special block called expand-nav (tree expand menu) . can you help pls.
Review posted by Styves on at

Very useful!

Can do a lot of things with this.

Thanks Remo. Good work and... man it's free; you make my day.
Review posted by olacom on at

Very nice!

Love it!

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