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I want to add a subtitle field to the expand/collapse block.
I did this so far:

* db.xml add this code underneath title:
<field name="subtitle" type="C" size="255">

* form_init.php
<h2><?php      echo t('Subtitle')?></h2>
<input type="text" name="subtitle" value="<?php      echo $controllerObj->subtitle?>" style="width:<?php      echo ($textEditorWidth-100)?>px;"/>

* controller.php
changed the function save to:
function save($data) {
       $content = $this->translateTo($data['content']);
       $args['content'] = $content;
       $args['state'] = $data['state'];
       $args['title'] = $data['title'];
       $args['subtitle'] = $data['subtitle'];
       $args['speed'] = $data['speed'];
       $blockObject = $this->getBlockObject();
       if (is_object($blockObject)) {

* and I called it in the view.php of my template

But I doesn't work. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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