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Hello friends,

I'm very new to website design, and I do not know any of the coding; I read great reviews about C5, so I decided to try it. It was going pretty well; but for some reason, after I added a content block to the header of my site's contact page last night, its formatting started to behave really weird (see pic: Format 1.png). The header would not extend its whole length across the width of the page, as it did before. And this seem to have something to do with the width of the blocks I have on the page, as deleting the picture block results in an even odder appearance (see pic: Format 2.png). Ideally, I would like to have this page appear like the page in "Format 0.png", which is a page that looks fine; so basically, with the subtitle of the page "Contact Us" across the header, and the contact info in content blocks in the main portion of the page.

If it were simply this page that is giving me problems, then I would learn to manage, however I find that all subsequent new pages I create also now exhibit this annoying trait (via my attempt to create a new Contact page from scratch by deleting the old one). Please help me out and shed some light on this situation of mine.

All inputs will be greatly appreciated,

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