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Review posted by okapi on at

Extremely cool and flexible!

Wow! This is exactly what i was looking for! Using variables in content is a feature that is included with most CMS i was working with so far, and i have badly missed it in C5. I'm very happy with your add-on, it saves so much time and work.
Review posted by gtrhough on at

Great Addon!

This is a very helpful add on! A lot of the information that I usually hardcode into the theme is now available in a standard content block. This is a BIG time saver!

Great job!
Review posted by sentido on at

Brilliant add-on !

I love this add-on - saved me a lot of time for creating custom templates :o)

A note about the Facebook like button - it would be nice if the language can be specified as a parameter - just like date/time formats.

Love it :o) Thank you ! :o)


If you want to change the language on the Facebook Like button, open the file <installation directory>packages/extended_content/libraries/parse/general/social.php and change the language in FB's URL in the returned string from both functions.

Hope this helps :o)
Response by hanicker on at
Hi, thanks for the review!
I was thinking about using LOCALE and "Internationalization" settings to automatically change the language, but I would really like your opinion.

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