The standard form addon in Concrete5 allows you to add:

  • Textfields
  • Textareas
  • Selectboxes
  • Checkboxes
  • Radiobuttons
  • File uploads
  • Hiddenfields

Extended Form addon gives you the possibility to add these additional form items:

  • TinyMCE textarea
  • E-mailaddress (with validation and notification option)
  • Date and/or time
  • Rating options (jQuery)
  • "Other" options for selectboxes, checkboxes and radiobuttons
  • Labels for radiobuttons and checkboxes.
  • No more tables, all div's!
  • Uploaded files are shown as download links in the mail, dashboard and exports.
  • Reciptient selector 
    The formfiller can select the recipient through selection.
  • Integer

Furthermore you can add the following content to your form:

  • Title (heading 4)
  • Text (paragraph)
  • Horizontal rule
  • Empty line (just some space between formfields)
  • Fieldset (with optional legend)

More options

  • Notification to submitter
    You can send a copy of the notification mail to an emailaddress formfield in the form.
    Confirmation possibility 
  • "Other" option
    Selectionboxes, checkboxes and radiobuttons can be expanded with "other" option, which opens a textfield.  
  • Send attachment to recipient and/or admin
    You can add an attachment to the the notification mails.  
  • Capture loggedin user
  • There is also a possibility to capture the loggedin user. 
  • Tooltip
    To make this addon complete, you can load a tooltip (jQuery) with each formfield.
  • Change the sender to a custom one, filled in by you!
  • Google reCaptcha option
  • NEW in version 2.0
    • Use of templates are now supported
    • No more inline javascript (at least not so much any more)
    • Smart JS and CSS loader
    • Loads only necessary javascript (TinyMCE, tooltip, date/time) 
    • You can add custom css classes to form and each formfields
    • Added labels to each formfield title
    • Capture PageID
  • Drag 'n Drop form elements