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Review posted by hrcv on at

Such a Great Addon And Support


I'm very glad with this add-on. It fit exactly on my expectations.
5 Stars for support also.
Review posted by JJDD on at

Extended Google Map - a great add-on with incredible support!!

EGM does everything it promises, quickly and well. De Webmaker's support is absolutely the best I've ever encountered--bar none. When I was trying to figure out how to import a dataset for my map, they helped me to format the information and then actually ran the import script for me. They also modified my EGM stylesheet so that the map is cleaner and more attractive. You can check out the results for yourself at this link:

Keep up the good work, De Webmakers! You're the BEST!

John Dandurand, Human Services Network of Colorado.
Review posted by ajdi on at

Does what it says on the box.

Does exactly what it says on the box.

Very happy with the result.
Review posted by mikefatty on at

Extended Google Map - Best add-on ever!

Extended Google Map is the best add-on i tryied yet! Very easy to setup, and there are so many cool ways to make it follow your own design! The responds time for the addon is the best!

Thanks for a great add-on!

Review posted by bleenders on at

Does what it promised

Well it's easy to install and easy to manage. Does exactly what it promised, I guess.
The only thing I cant figure out is the enable sensor option. I expected to get a message in my browser if I would accept the site using my location to calculate directions to one of the point added to the map. It didn't, not in any of my browsers nor on my phone.
But looking in the simpleGMapAPI model class it seems it only sets a flag in the script tag to the maps api. That in combination with the get directions option was a bit misleading IMHO.
But still, for $30 I can't make it myself. So 4 stars.
Review posted by lowridin88 on at

Works great, Great way to add a very nice Google Maps to your Site

First of all, had a minor issue with the add on not zooming in correctly. It zoomed in way to close to our business. Contacted the developer, and within a day or two there was a new version for download. Installed it and everything works perfect. So support like that cannot be beat. Thanks for actually responding to a customer issue, thats hard to come by these days...
Response by DeWebmakers on at
Thank you very much! Glad to help.
Review posted by asaucier on at


Extended Google Map works perfectly! Very easy to set up and configure, very nice presentation, and I received a quick answer to a help question.

Thanks for a great add-on!
Review posted by yaffeweb on at

Just what I needed

I was looking for a way to add multiple locations on a map and the premium google block wasn't doing it for me. There are a few quarky things about it though, for instance the sidebar and main window aren't automatically adjusted to fill the whole screen therefore stacking them on top of each other because the main window is by default set to 100% container width. Nothing you can't adjust. Also when adding locations, it has a field for city, but doesn't specify state so if you have 2 cities that are the same name and happen to have the same address, you might not end up with the right one mapped. This can be fixed however by adding the state after the city, (i.e. New York City, NY) its just simply not labeled that you can do that. This has been upgraded to the newest api from google. I don't know about icon issues, I just used the defaults and other than creating my own styles for the sidebar, I haven't really had any issues with it as far as errors go, only the location issues which I stated earlier (no pun intended).

Update: No issues until the latest version upgrade. If you update and you have a customized the stylesheet, be sure to back it up as updating will overwrite your customizations and leave you with defaults once again. Just a heads up.

Before 3.0

Review posted by BHWW on at

Simple and effective

Would love to see it upgraded to the latest Google API though.
Review posted by Vivid on at

Great Map Add-on

Perfect for the hotel site I just built:
Review posted by raphii on at

Goole Maps API

But it should be mentioned somewhere that it uses the google maps API v2 which is now deprecated.
Review posted by synlag on at


Thanks a lot, saved me hours!

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