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Review posted by web089 on at


Really great add on. Works perfekt and is a need before running a backup!
Review posted by chrismodlao on at

Just perfect

Thanks a lot for this save me a lot of time
Review posted by okapi on at

Extremely useful

This tool is extremely useful, for instance if you want to hand over a newly built site to a client in a completely clean state. Works nicely and reliably. Thanks, John!
Review posted by garyjhills on at

Best Add-on Ever!

I am so happy I came across this. It has been a god send. My sites are cleaner & faster & my customers are much happier!!

Thank you so much johnthefish for this totally awesome add.
Review posted by 76West on at

An Important Function for Automation

Extreme clean is a big time saver that gets added to the Automated Job sets in Concrete5.

Push one button, wait a few minutes and a site is cleaned up and database optimized before handing off to the client.

We won't launch a site without Extreme Clean!
Review posted by goodnightfirefly on at

Another must-have

Removed some very stubborn pages from the trash which refused to cooperate, and does an excellent job in general of cleaning up the database!
Review posted by A3020 on at


I tried this add-on locally and it works great. My original database size was 9.7 MB and after running the job it was reduced by more than 50%. I wouldn't recommend using it on a live website, but if you have a backup stored somewhere it is a great tool to slim down large websites with many page versions.

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