EZ Cart Block

The EZ Cart block creates a "view cart" button, which opens the PayPal cart in either a new or same window. Shoppers can view all products that they have added to their cart. 

Note: EZ Product blocks will need to have Product Type set to "Add to Cart".

PayPal Email
A PayPal email is required. This must be the same as the one used on all Add to Cart products. This can easily be set in the EZ Product Dashboard page, which pre-populates the PayPal Email field in all EZ Product and EZ Subscribe blocks.

Button Style
There are several button styles included, or you can use your own button image.

Checkout Target - Open the cart in either the same or new window.

Continue Shopping URL
Shoppers may wish to continue shopping before they complete the checkout. This is the URL that they will be returned to. If left blank, the current page URL will be used. Otherwise, you can define either a custom internal or external URL.