EZ Product Block


Item Name - The name of the product.

Item Number - Required for tracking on Paypal.

Base Price - The base price of the product. Be sure to use the correct formatting, depending on the currency.

Type - Select between buy now (individual products), add to cart (allow purchse of many products at once), or catalog (only displays product info, with no ability to purchase via PayPal).

Quantity - Enter a numerical value for default quantity. Optionally allow users to enter their own quantity. 

Discount Type - Optional. Rate (percent discount), or fixed amount. Optional additional discount per additional item, with a set limit.

Tax Type - Flat amount, or rate (percent)

Shipping - For FREE shipping, set to "0". Enter additional cost for each additional item (optional). 

Option Sets - Set up product options. Set 1 allows a custom product price for each option. All options are text, and displayed as a select drop-down.

Product Description - Found on Content tab. Optional. 


Paypal Email - The email address where payment will be sent to. Must be associated with an active Paypal account.

Currency Code - Select the currency code for your country.

Currency Symbol - Select the currency symbol that matches your currency.

Design Options

Button Style - Ghost, squared, or rounded, either as full-width or standard button.

Layout (new in 1.1) - Choose from left, right, or single column 

Primary Color - Background for product title and price. Supports transparency.

Secondary Color - Background for details body. Supports transparency.

Accent Color - Applied to currency symbol and borders.

Secondary Accent Color - Applies to all text.


Return and Cancel URL - Optional. Leave blank to use current page URL. Otherwise, set either an internal or external URL for each.